How about never! - A Justin Bieber fanfiction

Intro: Hey I’m Y/N, I’m 19 years old and I have a daughter, she is one and is called Ella she is my everything, now you probably ask; who is the father? Well, it’s Justin Bieber, we met at this party and we both got drunk, and yeah you probably know what happened, a few days after I found out I was pregnant and when I told Justin he said he didn’t want anything to do with Ella, so we stopped talking, my mom and dad don’t want to talk to me either, so I moved to Canada, away from everything and everyone. I then met Elena, she is my best friend, she helps me with Ella and she’s always there for me.
What happens when Justin wants to meet Ella? Does he found Y/N and Ella or what? Do Y/N and Justin get feelings for each other? Will Y/N ever forgive Justin for what he did to her and Ella?
Found out in; How about never!


67. Chapter 67!

“Do you wanna go out with your parents tonight? Or do you just wanna stay home?” Justin asked me,
“It would be nice to go out, but we can’t” I explained,
“Why not?” Justin frowned,
“Well my parents don’t like the fame” I said sadly,
“I could get a room just for us” he said,
“Would you really do that?” I asked;
“Of course, everything for you” he smiled,
“Aww baby, if you can, I would love it” I smiled,
“I’ll just call them, then in the meantime you can take a shower and get ready” Justin said and slapped me on the ass,
“Easy boy” I smirked, I winked and ran upstairs, I made sure to wiggle with my ass, just a little bit,
“Sexy” I could hear Justin whisper under his breath, I smirked and ran into the bathroom.
I turned on the shower and undressed. I found some music and then got in the shower,
“Is it weird that I hear
Trumpets when you’re turning me on?
Turning me on
is it weird that your bra
Remind me of a Katy Perry song? “I sang as I washed my hair with my shampoo with Lemon scent. Then I washed my body with my olive scent body shampoo. Then I shaved where I had to shave, and lastly I got out and wrapped my towel around me. Vertigo by Jason Derulo and I started to sing along.
“You give me vertigo, vertigo
The bed, the floor, the kitchen
Don't really matter long as I get
Vertigo, vertigo

I'm tucked, all bottled inside
You're a bad baby, you're making me sweat
Tell me that it's cool that I'm stuck on you
Like your birthday suit
You give me vertigo, that vertigo” I sang. I was so into it, that I didn’t hear that Justin came in through the door.

*Justin’s POV*
I was standing in the doorframe, just listening to my baby’s beautiful voice; she has a voice like an angel. I slowly made my way over to her; her eyes were closed, so she couldn’t see me. As the song ended I wrapped my arms around her waist, she jumped and turned around,
“GOSH you scared my Justin” she said, I chuckled and kissed her cheek,
“I’m sorry” I smiled, “You have a voice like an angel” I whispered in her ear,
“Oh no, you have a voice like and angel” she smiled and she kissed the tip of my noise, I shook my head and then placed it in the crock of her neck. She smelled amazing, a mixture of lemon and olive scent. I took her deep breath, and then moved my head down to her breast. They had grown a little since she’s pregnant again.  
“Are my breasts nice?” Y/N asked me in a kinky tone,
“very! They’ve grown and they’re so soft” I said,
“okay?” she said and took my head in her hands; she leaned in and placed her soft lips on mine.
We pulled away and Y/N pushed me away,
“Now go and get ready” she smirked. I nodded my head and walked into our walk-in closet.
I found a white shirt with a black blazer, and then a pair of black kind of baggy pants.
I walked into the bathroom and started to make my hair, I stood beside Y/N, she was only wearing her underwear, so it was a little hard not to look at her. She had a little baby bump, and I couldn’t understand that I hadn’t seen it before, but I hadn’t, she probably just hided it.
“Justin, please stop starring, it’s a little uncomfortable, since I feel a little fat right now” Y/N explained,
“You’re not fat, you’re beautiful, so beautiful” I told her, she smiled and I could see she blushed,
“Aww my baby is blushing” I cooed which caused Y/N to blush even more,
“Justin stop” she giggled, I chuckled and kissed her cheek. Then I walked into the walk-in closet and looked for a dress to Y/N. I found one of her pregnancy dresses, it was black and simple, but I loved it, then I found a denim jacket, and a cute little purse, I found some flowered plateau shoes. I laid it on the bed and then walked into Luke’s room. Ella and he were sitting on the floor; they were playing with some action dolls. Soon after Y/N came into the room fully dressed. The dressed looked so good on her. She was so beautiful, and so perfect.
“Thank you for choosing the clothes” she whispered in my ear, I nodded my head and kissed her cheek,
“Luke and Ella are you ready to go?” I asked Ella and Luke, they both looked at me and then nodded their heads, I helped Luke up and Ella stood up on her own. Ella took Y/N’s hand and then we started walking downstairs,
“we’ll be meeting your parents and Sophia at the restaurant” I smiled, Y/N nodded her head and continued to walk.  


Y/N's outfit:

Hope you like the chapter, it is longer than normal! 


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