How about never! - A Justin Bieber fanfiction

Intro: Hey I’m Y/N, I’m 19 years old and I have a daughter, she is one and is called Ella she is my everything, now you probably ask; who is the father? Well, it’s Justin Bieber, we met at this party and we both got drunk, and yeah you probably know what happened, a few days after I found out I was pregnant and when I told Justin he said he didn’t want anything to do with Ella, so we stopped talking, my mom and dad don’t want to talk to me either, so I moved to Canada, away from everything and everyone. I then met Elena, she is my best friend, she helps me with Ella and she’s always there for me.
What happens when Justin wants to meet Ella? Does he found Y/N and Ella or what? Do Y/N and Justin get feelings for each other? Will Y/N ever forgive Justin for what he did to her and Ella?
Found out in; How about never!


51. Chapter 51!

“Princess, Mommy and I have a surprise more for you” Justin said and sat down beside me, he took his arm around my shoulder and then looked down at Luke.
“Really?” she asked,
“Yeah, but you have to find a beautiful dress first” Justin smiled,
“Mommy will you please help me?” Ella asked as you pouted. She was so cute, so how could I say no,
“Of course baby” I said as I handed Justin Luke. He gladly took him in his arms and started making weird noises. I shook my head and then took Ella’s hand,
“Come on Karma” Ella said as she took Karma’s dog leash and then walked upstairs, Karma had a little trouble with getting up the stairs, so I took her up in my arms.
“Mommy thank you again, Karma is so sweet” Ella said,
“you’re welcome, I’m glad you like her” I smiled. When we reached Ella’s room, I laid Karma in her bed, she quickly lay down.
“So do you want to wear a Princess dress?” I asked Ella, she got a big smile and nodded her head,
“So which one, the pink or the purple?” I asked her
“uhm, Purple” she said with her big smile, “Then I’ll be matching Karma, because she has a purple bow on” she continued,
“Ah you are so clever” I said as I lightly tickled her,
“Mommy stop!” Ella laughed
“Not until you say mommy is clever” I smirked,
“okay, okay mommy you are clever!” She creamed out of laughter, I stopped and kissed her cheek,
“You’re so right honey, mommy is clever” I smirked, she laughed and then stood up.
“Mommy will you help me in the dress?” she asked me,
“Yeah” I said shortly and helped her in it.

*Justin’s POV*
“Guys, I need your help!” I said kinda desperate,
“Sure what’s up bizzle?” Khalil asked,
“I couldn’t get any princess, so I need your guys to dress like princesses” I said quietly,
“WHAT! No, no Bizzle, we are not dressing up like princesses!” Za said,
“Please, Ella would be broken if they aren’t any princesses” I pouted,
“Dude seriously?” Ryan asked and I nodded my head,
“I’m in, if that makes me her favourite uncle, then okay!” Chaz said,
“Thank buddy!” I said and man-hugged Chaz,
“I’m in to” Za said and I gave him a high-five. I was waiting for Ryan and Khalil's response, they looked at each other,
“Ryan come on, I would do it for your daughter!” I begged, Ryan looked at Khalil again, and then at me,
“Okay I’ll do it!” Ryan said, I smiled and high-fived him too. Me, Ryan, Chaz and Za looked down at Khalil who was sitting in the couch. Eventually he gave in,
“Okay, I’ll do it! Are you satisfied?” he asked me, I nodded my head and patted him on the shoulder.
“Come on, you have to get your dresses and wigs on” I laughed, god I loved this so much,
“Just laugh, one day it will be your turn!” Khalil hissed,
“Trust me I am!” I laughed.

After the boys got dressed in the dresses and the Wigs, mom came into where they were changing, she laid some makeup on them and then went outside again, we could here she was laughing so hard. Y/N came into the room by an accident, when she saw the boys, she cracked down laughing. I could see they boys were getting annoyed,
“GIRLS PLEASE HURRY UPSTAIRS!” Y/N shouted to the girls. They girls came upstairs; Ariana had Luke in her arms. They started laughing too and secretly I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and snapped a pic of the boys and then walked over to Y/N,
“What do you think baby?” I asked her,
“They are gorgeous” she laughed,
“We are only doing this for Ella!” Ryan hissed,
“So you won’t ever do it for Penelope?” Elena asked as she pretended to be sad,
“of course I would! But that is not the same; Justin compels us to do this!” Ryan said as his voice softened.

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