How about never! - A Justin Bieber fanfiction

Intro: Hey I’m Y/N, I’m 19 years old and I have a daughter, she is one and is called Ella she is my everything, now you probably ask; who is the father? Well, it’s Justin Bieber, we met at this party and we both got drunk, and yeah you probably know what happened, a few days after I found out I was pregnant and when I told Justin he said he didn’t want anything to do with Ella, so we stopped talking, my mom and dad don’t want to talk to me either, so I moved to Canada, away from everything and everyone. I then met Elena, she is my best friend, she helps me with Ella and she’s always there for me.
What happens when Justin wants to meet Ella? Does he found Y/N and Ella or what? Do Y/N and Justin get feelings for each other? Will Y/N ever forgive Justin for what he did to her and Ella?
Found out in; How about never!


27. Chapter 27!

*Some hours later*
Justin and I were sitting on the couch, Ella was on the floor playing with her Barbie doll, Luke was in my arms sleeping.
Then the doorbell,
“Oh, mom must be here now” Justin said. I looked at him,
“Did you invite your mom to our house this late?” I asked Justin, it was half past 8 and actually Ella’s bedtime,
“Yeah, I thought she could take care of the kids until tomorrow, we both really need a whole night sleep” Justin shrugged,
“Justin we have had Luke in three weeks, and you already think we should get a night on our own?” I asked him, “I’m just reminding you that I was alone with Ella the first two years of her life, and I did not have anyone I could call if I needed a night on my own!” I said, my voice had raised a little.
“I know, I know, and I’m not proud of it. I would just really like to have a night with you alone” Justin said, “I would like to spoil you with a lot of my love , and I don’t think you can do that with two kids home” Justin explained,
“What had you planned?” I asked Justin,
“I had planned-“Justin didn’t manage to finish his sentence before Pattie stood in the doorway,
“Do I disturb?” Pattie asked,
“No of course not Pattie, Justin and I were just talking about how Justin could think he needed a full night's sleep, when I was alone with Ella the first two years of her life, and were I couldn’t call anyone if I needed to have a full night of sleep” I said and flashed Justin a fake smile,
“But I just Explained Y/N that I wanted to spoil her with my love, that is with massage, chocolate covered strawberries and everything else I could possible think about!” Justin said and flashed me just a fake smile back,
“Stop it, I will gladly take the kids one single night. Please stop fighting in front of the kids. Just look at Ella, she has tears in her eyes, and is about to cry. If you really want to fight, and then do it when the kids are in bed or at someone else’s house, you can’t offer them this, for god’s sake, they’re your kids, they are your EVERYTHING!” Pattie said. Justin and I immediately stopped ‘talking’, Pattie was right, there were our everything, and Ella was sitting on the floor, and she was about to cry. Luke was awake and he was just looking at me. I covered my mouth and looked down, I tried to keep the tears from purring down my cheeks, but it was impossible,
“I’m the worst mother in the whole world” I whispered to myself,
“No mommy, you’re the best. But I don’t like when you and daddy fights” Ella said,
“I’m so sorry baby, I don’t know what I was thinking, I think I just wanted to show you how grateful I am that we are together, and you have given me the most perfect kids in the whole world” Justin said as he sat down beside me,
“I should not have reacted as I did, I should have known that you just did it out of love” I explained to him, “I love you so much” I cried out, I kissed him roughly,
“I love you to” Justin said as we pulled out of the kiss,
“So do you want me to take the kids, I know Justin already packed their stuffs?” Pattie asked, Justin looked at me; I nodded and smiled,
“You can!” Justin smiled and rubbed our noses together,
“Grandma why are they looking at each other like that?” Ella asked Pattie,
“They’re in love” Pattie explained,
“So if I do that with Luke, it means that I’m in love with him?” Ella asked,
“No sweetie, it means that you love him, but you’re not in love with him” Pattie smiled,
“This is confusing” Ella said and crossed her arms,
“I know sweetie, but you will understand when you get older” Pattie explained,
“No she’s not, I won’t allow her to have a boyfriend” Justin said, “She’s my little girl, and I don’t want her to get heartbroken” Justin said, and now has just met the overprotective father Justin!  

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