How about never! - A Justin Bieber fanfiction

Intro: Hey I’m Y/N, I’m 19 years old and I have a daughter, she is one and is called Ella she is my everything, now you probably ask; who is the father? Well, it’s Justin Bieber, we met at this party and we both got drunk, and yeah you probably know what happened, a few days after I found out I was pregnant and when I told Justin he said he didn’t want anything to do with Ella, so we stopped talking, my mom and dad don’t want to talk to me either, so I moved to Canada, away from everything and everyone. I then met Elena, she is my best friend, she helps me with Ella and she’s always there for me.
What happens when Justin wants to meet Ella? Does he found Y/N and Ella or what? Do Y/N and Justin get feelings for each other? Will Y/N ever forgive Justin for what he did to her and Ella?
Found out in; How about never!


24. Chapter 24!

*Justin’s POV - in the middle of the night*
I woke up to the sound of baby crying, I sat up but only to be pushed down again,
“I’m going to take him” a tired but very beautiful Y/N said. I hummed a little ‘okay’ and then kissed her.
I heard her walking out of the door, I tried to fall asleep again, but I couldn’t, so I stood up and walked to Luke’s room, I stopped in the doorframe, Y/N was sitting with Luke in her arms, she was breast-feeding him, I couldn’t help but admire them.
“How can I have such a perfect life” Y/N whispered to herself, “I got you, Ella and the most perfect fiancé in the world” she whispered again, she kissed the top of Luke’s head.
“I don’t even know what I did to deserve you and the kids” I said to her, I tried talking as low as possible,
“GOSH! Justin you scared me” Y/N whisper-yelled,
“Sorry baby” I said to her,
“Look at him, he’s perfect” Y/N said. I went behind her and looked at Luke,
“Yeah, he is perfect” I agreed.
I heard a 'pop' and looked down at Luke, he had let go of Y/N's breast, and he yawned and stretched his little body. Y/N stood up and started rocking him back and forth, I locked my arms around her waist and helped her rocking back and forth, I started singing a lullaby to Luke, and I made sure my voice wasn’t too loud. Soon Luke was in a deep sleep again. Y/N laid him in his cradle.
“I love you baby” I whispered in Y/N’s ear, I kissed her earlobe lightly,
“I love you to baby” she whispered back, she laid her head on my shoulder,
“What should I have done without you?” I asked Y/N, right now I thought about after she gave birth to Luke, “if you had died right after you gave birth to Luke, I wouldn’t know what I would do, thank you for staying” I continued,
“I should thank you, I remember you were in my head all the time, you and the kids, you were the ones who made me stay alive” She explained, WOAH, that was the sweetest.
“Come baby, we have to get some more sleep” I told her.
“Yeah you’re right” she said, we went from Luke's room and into our bed again.

*Your POV - In the morning*
Justin was still sleeping, but me and the kids were already up. I was making Ella pancakes when the doorbell rang; I turned the cooker off and went to open the door. When I opened it, I quickly covered my mouth with my hand. In front of me stood my parents, well ex-parents.
“What-what are you doing here?” I asked them,
“We realised that we did a mistake, we shouldn’t have just let you walk out of our life’s” My dad explained,
“Well, it’s a little too late now, did you really think after almost four years I would just accept it?” I asked them, my voice was stern,
“Mommy Luke is crying” Ella said, she came running to me. I walked into the kitchen and took Luke up in my arms,
“Ella can you go and get daddy?” I asked Ella,
“Okay” she said and ran upstairs,
“Shh baby, it’s okay, mommy is here” I comforted Luke. Justin came running downstairs in his sweatpants, no shirt.
“What’s wrong?” he asked me,
“My parents are here” I told him, “can you take Luke, I have to go talk to them?” I asked him,
“Okay. Hey baby what’s wrong?” Justin asked when he got Luke over to him, he started rocking him back and forth, I went to the door and saw my parents still standing there, Ella stood beside them; she was staring on them,
“Mommy who are these peoples?” Ella asked,
“They’re someone mommy knows” I explained to her, she nodded her head,
“Can I come up?” she asked me, I smiled and picked her up,
“Can we come in?” my mom asked me, I flashed her a fake smile and nodded.
“So are you back with Bieber?” my dad asked,
“If you really want to know, then yes we’re back together!” I said, my voice was still stern.
“Who is this Luke?” my mom asked,
“Luke is my son, he is 5 days old!” I said,
“So you’re nineteen, and has two kids?” My dad asked,
“Yeah, do you have a problem with that?” I asked him,
“Yeah, actually I have, you’re NINETEEN!” he said,
“And why do you care, you haven’t been in my life for almost four years! And I’ve been better than ever!” I said, I had raised my voice a little,
“Mommy!” Ella said,
“I’m sorry sweetie, go out to daddy, I’m going to be there in a minute” I said,
“Okay” she said and jumped down from my arms.
“Why are you even here?” I asked them,
“as we said before, we realised we made a mistake, we want to be a part of your life” my mom said, she made sure her voice sounded sugar sweet, I could throw up
“Well, I don’t want you in my life!” I said, “Can’t you just-“I got interred up
“Baby, Luke won’t stop crying, I think he’s hungry” Justin said,
“Okay, well should we get you something to eat?” I asked Luke. Justin handed Luke to me, I sat down and started feeding him,
“Hello” Justin said and handed my father his hand, my dad took it and shook it.   

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