How about never! - A Justin Bieber fanfiction

Intro: Hey I’m Y/N, I’m 19 years old and I have a daughter, she is one and is called Ella she is my everything, now you probably ask; who is the father? Well, it’s Justin Bieber, we met at this party and we both got drunk, and yeah you probably know what happened, a few days after I found out I was pregnant and when I told Justin he said he didn’t want anything to do with Ella, so we stopped talking, my mom and dad don’t want to talk to me either, so I moved to Canada, away from everything and everyone. I then met Elena, she is my best friend, she helps me with Ella and she’s always there for me.
What happens when Justin wants to meet Ella? Does he found Y/N and Ella or what? Do Y/N and Justin get feelings for each other? Will Y/N ever forgive Justin for what he did to her and Ella?
Found out in; How about never!


102. Chapter 102!

Chapter 102:

*Justin’s POV*

Y/N and I’s breakup were all over the news, and rumours said that she was about to leave the country with the kids. My world was creaking and I knew that she wanted to get a divorce, but I won’t let that happen. She’s the love of my life and I can’t let her go that easily. Mom had been staying at my house since Y/N called if off. I was completely broken and I wasn’t able to eat or sleep.

“Justin, you have to eat!” mom said as she looked at me, we were eating dinner, but I hadn’t even eaten a single spaghetti. I shook my head and stood up. I went upstairs and started packing a bag with clothing, I had to find her, and Ryan said that she left to Canada, so I think I knew where she was staying. I went downstairs and looked at mom,

“I have to find her! I’m going to Canada!” I said and then walked out of the door; mom followed me and made sure to turn off the light and everything before we left.

We got into my car and I speeded off. I drove even faster than the law says you can, but I had to get to the airport. As I parked I quickly ran inside and as I did Elena came walking out. She had stained tears on her cheek. She send me a glare and then walked away. I sighed and ran inside. I saw Y/N and the kids. I called Y/N’s name and she turned around. When she saw me she quickly turned around and continued to walk. I ran after her with mom behind me. I ran in front of her and stopped her,

“Please don’t leave!” I begged, she rolled her eyes and tried to walk by me, but I wouldn’t let her. “Can I at least get one last kiss that proves that you don’t love me anymore?” I asked her, she nodded her head and gave me one last kiss. I put all my love for her into the kiss, after a good 5 minutes where we hadn’t pulled away Y/N laid her arms around my neck, I laid mine around her waist and deepened the kiss. Everyone around us started cheering as they realised that Y/N still loved me and that she couldn’t leave me. Y/N started smiling through the kiss which automatically made me smile. We pulled away because we couldn’t breathe anymore; I got down on one knee and looked Y/N deeply into the eyes,

“Will you be my perfect, beautiful, incredible, amazing wife again?” I asked her, she nodded her head and smiled from ear to ear. I pulled the ring on her finger again and then picked her up, I looked at her and then spun her around.

“I’m so sorry, I love you so much!” I whispered as everyone around us cheered, again. I sat her down and then Ella and Luke ran over to us,

“DADDY!” both of them yelled, I smiled and picked both of them up,

“Hey my babies” I smiled, I kissed their cheeks and then looked Y/N, she was smiling from ear to ear again, I walked over to her and kissed her lips.

“Boarding to Canada is now open” the lady in the speaker said, I looked at Y/N and she smiled,

“Let’s take to Canada” I cheered, Y/N smiled and nodded her head.

“Pattie would you like to come with us?” Y/N asked, mom smiled and nodded her head. She walked over to us with Evelyn in her arms. Y/N took Evelyn and then we went to Gate B.

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