The Farmer Girl

Summer Williams is The Farmer Girl. And that's all she is ever going to be. She'd rather ride her horses, milk the cows or play with the pigs than go to the cinema or go shopping. But this all changes when her friend Eleanor takes her to meet her boyfriend who just happens to be Louis Tomlinson. One of his band mates fall hard for Summer, but which one will break her heart? And which one will fix the broken pieces?


4. #4

Summer's POV

I let go of Niall and grabbed onto Bonnie's head brace and led her into the horse trailer; it took a couple of tries but she got in there eventually. Niall and I got back into the car, this time with me in the front seat. We drove the journey with the radio on full blast, singing at the top of our voices. In my case, singing very badly.

"You have a good voice" I commented as Niall sang a line pf Barbie Girl.

"Thank you, they don't call me Niall Horan from One Direction for nothing!" He says flicking imaginary hair over his shoulder making me giggle, "What you up to tonight?" 

"Erm nothing much, sort Penny and Benji out, settle Bonnie in the stables and then whatever" I answered.

"Movie night?" He suggested and I nodded, "YEY" He shouted.

"Jesus Ni!" I shouted back as I parked the car in a different spot as there was a black range rover in my cars usual place, "Ni, who's car is that?" I ask him.

"Harry's" He answered back. We walked up to the cottage to find the door wide open and muffled voices coming from the living room. I opened the living room door to find all 4 boys sat on the sofa watching the football match. I cleared my throat loudly and they turned around.

"Hey Summer" Harry casually said before taking a sip of his beer and turning back around. Hang on. What? Beer? That little shit!

"How the fuck did you get into my house? And why are you drinking my alcohol!" I said.

"Oh come on! Everybody know the key under the doormat trick!" Louis laughed loudly.

"And we got thirsty" Zayn commandeered and he threw a beer to Niall, who caught it and opened it before taking a big swig of the stuff. 

"Hey, they are my beers!" I say snatching one of Niall.

"You're too young to drink" Liam stated, eyes still glued to the TV.

"I'm only one year younger than Harry!" I say as Niall sneakily grabs the beer from my hand and continues to drink it. 

"I hate you all" I say and walk out the door. 



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