The Farmer Girl

Summer Williams is The Farmer Girl. And that's all she is ever going to be. She'd rather ride her horses, milk the cows or play with the pigs than go to the cinema or go shopping. But this all changes when her friend Eleanor takes her to meet her boyfriend who just happens to be Louis Tomlinson. One of his band mates fall hard for Summer, but which one will break her heart? And which one will fix the broken pieces?


3. #3 Bonnie

Niall's POV

"So what possessed yourself to own a farm?" I asked. Summer looked at me with a surprised expression on her face. It looked as though no one had ever asked her a question about her farm. 

"You're being serious right?" She asked in disbelief. I nodded and she looked at me again with her perfectly shaped eyebrows raised.

"Why wouldn't I be"

"No one ever asks me that question, I mention I own a farm and they run a mile" She giggles.

"I am genuinely interested trust me!" I said raising my hands in defense, she took a breath before starting her story of how she had come to owning a farm. 

"It was my grandparents farm. They had run away as late teenagers desperately in love but their parents had forbidden them to see each other. So they ran away together, and granddad bought the land. They built the farm together, even the farm house! Right from the foundations and up, they built everything. Set up a few crop fields, bought some animals and watched the world spin past from their rocking chairs from their porch" Summer took a big breath, her eyes sparkling at the thought of her grandparents, before continuing.

"They died when I was 16 so my parents were set on selling the farm, they didn't see the beauty of the land like I did so I said I would take it over; It took a bit of persuading to let me own it because mum and dad wanted me to go to university and study to become a lawyer like my dad but we both knew that wasn't gonna happen so I moved on the farm, bought a few more animals and here we are!" Summer finished as we continued to drive up the road.

"Wow!" I said, enticed by her words.

"It looks like an absolute shit hole to anyone else, but I love it" She said.

"I'm sure it's lovely, can't wait to get there" I said as we pulled into a lane with a sign covered by ivy trails, snailing up the post of which the sign was a attached to.

Rosebud Farm

We kept on travelling up the lane until a cottage came into view. It had a thatched roof with red building bricks, paint was peeling off of the window frames and the door could do with a good paint job too, but it looked so homely and the love and effort that was put into the building of the cottage radiated through every nook and cranny. In front of the house was a big 4x4 truck and a battered horse box, then a few meters behind the parking area was a marked out pen which held two horses, one with a white mane and brown/white patches and another chestnut brown with a black mane. Behind this pen was the stables I was guessing then beyond the stables where so fields holding a mix of cows, pigs and sheep. More fields stood behind the cottage and were filled with an assortment of crops. A man in a tractor drove around the fields and I watched as he went over the hill and disappeared form sight. Here and there, chicken would peck and left out seeds on the ground and would occasionally fight over them with one another; the sight made me chuckle. 

Summer reversed her car to the trailer in order to connect it up to the car but she looked as though she was struggling a bit so I got out of the car to give her a helping hand.

Summer's POV

I heard Niall get out of the car and next thing I know his hands are on the trailer bar, pulling the trailer along. Together we connected the trailer up, plugged in the wires and stood up, brushing our hands on our jeans, or shorts in my case.

"Thanks but I didn't need any help" I said tucking a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Yeah you did" He said poking her sides.

"Stop that! And I've been doing it for 3 years now, I'm fine" I said, he stood back a bit then I felt guilty, "I'm sorry, I've been living on my own since I was 16, I guess I'm not used to people helping me" I looked at my feet before his arms wrapped around me in a hug.

"It's ok, now lets go get your pony!" He squealed like a small child and run into the drivers seat. Looks like I'm not driving then...

"Why are you driving? You don't know where we're going you plonker!" I laughed, plugging my seat belt in.

"Oh yeah, type the address in then love" He laughed handing me his phone, so I typed the address in and we got going. 

1 Hour Later

The ignition was cut and I clambered out of the car, Niall in my lead as I walked towards the lady who stood outside the horse pen.

"Hello dear, I'm Mary, and you must be Summer and this is...?" Mary said, gesturing towards Niall. She was your classic 50 something year old with her blonde-grey hair in a loose ponytail and some dated jeans and a t-shirt with flip-flops.

"This is Niall, he's a friend of mine, nice to meet you Mary" I shook her outstretched hand as Niall copied my actions. 

"Right, lets go see her then" Mary suggested as she led us to the stables. I poked my head through the door of the first stable and my breath took away. A black horse stuck it's head towards me, the white stripe in between it's eyes standing out from the black hairs on the rest of it's body. 

"Is she good enough Miss Williams" Mary asked me.

"She's perfect" I whispered. I unlocked the door and held onto her head brace and leading her towards the trailer, "Ni, the money is in a envelope in my car, grab it for me" I asked him. He came back a minute later as I petted the black pony. 

"That will be all Miss Williams have a good day" Mary nodded curtly and walked away. Niall stroked her nose and chuckled as she tried to sniff him. 

"I think she likes you!" I laughed as she got closer to him. 

"Yeah, you got a name yet?" He asked me.

"Nothing, you?" I asked him, shaking my head. 

"I have one, but you'll think it's stupid" He bowed his head, cheeks turning red

"Go on tell me!" I said urging him to do so. 








"Go on" I urged.

"How about Bonnie?" He suggested looking down as his cheeks turned another shade of pink darker. I looked into his blue eyes as a grin pulled at my face. I ran and gave him a huge hug.

"It's perfect!" 

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