The Farmer Girl

Summer Williams is The Farmer Girl. And that's all she is ever going to be. She'd rather ride her horses, milk the cows or play with the pigs than go to the cinema or go shopping. But this all changes when her friend Eleanor takes her to meet her boyfriend who just happens to be Louis Tomlinson. One of his band mates fall hard for Summer, but which one will break her heart? And which one will fix the broken pieces?


2. #2 Well This Has Been Sufficiently Awkward

Summer's POV

My alarm went off at 8:30 causing me to rollover and groan whilst smacking my hand down to press the buzzer. I rolled out of bed. Literally. I lay like a burrito on the floor in my blankets and stayed there for another 5 minutes before forcing myself to get up and out of bed. I threw my duvet back onto my bed, not bothering to properly make it. 

I got up and chucked my pajamas on the floor putting on my bra and knicker then throwing on a pair of jogging bottoms and a hoodie then ran downstairs and put on my wellies before walking out of the house towards the stables. 

"Right Penny, come on now, into the pen!" I said clicking my tongue so she would join Benji in the pen, then I noticed something. Penny was limping, I reminded myself to look at her closer later on when I come back with my new horse, I need to come up with a name for her!

"So this is where you are!" I heard someone say. I turned around to see Eleanor leaning against the stable door. 

"Yeah, just feeding them and watering them" I said as I turned the tap on to fill the water bucket, "Penny's limping a bit though, I think it.s her front right foot, remind me to look at it later yeah?!" 

"All you do is cater for them horses! have a day off! Go find a club and fool around with a guy! You complain about being alone on this god forsaken farm all the time so why don't you explore the world! Find someone to live here with you!" El said crossing her arms.

"I love these horses! And in my defense, I have never said I felt alone, it would just be nice to have someone as interested in the farm as I am!" I said back

"Ok, but you're still coming to lunch with me in about and hour from now" El said, looking at her watch.

"Oh shit!Forgot about that! Right let go" I said placing the bucket of water in the pen and running with Eleanor back to the farm house. 

"Go have a shower, you smell of horse poo!" El laughed so I ran upstairs and showered for what felt like 2 minutes! I jumped out of the shower and ran into my room putting on my washed denim shorts and my old checked shirt which I had cut the sleeves off of before pulling on my cowboy boots, doing my make up and putting my hair in a messy bun. I run down the stairs again looking at the clock to see it was 11:45 already, I grabbed Els' hand en-route to the door and we both went flying to her car. 

"You're driving" I shouted to her and she laughed and she buckled her seat belt. 

"Who am I meeting again?" I asked her.

"Just Louis" She replied. 

We arrived five minutes later than expected and walked though the door to Starbucks, well I say walked, I kinda got dragged by El to the back corner where 5 boys were sat. 

"Ehem, El I thought you said it was only Louis" I said nudging her in the ribs.

"Well, he blatantly brought the boys along with him" She said smiling as Louis stood up to giver her a hug and kiss and led us both to sit down with the others. 

"Hey boys! This is Summer!" El said as I awkwardly waved. 

Niall's POV

"Hey boys! This is Summer!" El said as the girl named Summer awkwardly waved. She did look pretty hot. She had chestnut coloured hair and blue/green eyes and a petite figure. She was wearing a cut off checkered shirt and denim shorts with cowboy boots. We all ordered our drinks and sat down drinking them without much conversation. Then Summer stood up.

"Well, this has been sufficiently awkward and I have a pony to collect, so I'll see you all around, nice meeting you!" She waved and began walking out and I started after her. 

"Niall, what are you waiting for?" Harry nudged me

"Huh?" I said confused

"You've been staring at her for the past 50 minutes, go get her!" El said laughing so I stood up and sprinted towards the car Summer was getting in. She sat in the front seat and as she started the ignition, I jumped in the passenger seat. She stared at me with bug eyes.

"Look, just because you're famous, it doesn't mean you can go around jumping into cars with people you have only just met!" She said driving off. I laughed because even though she barley knew me, she still felt comfortable with me being in her car. 

"What made you leave so early then?" I asked her.

"I have a pony to collect" She said, I looked back at her in surprise.


"Oh El didn't tell you?" She asked me and I shook my head, "I own a farm"

"I did not see that one coming!" I say laughing.

"Neither did I!" She laughed.

"What are you gonna name the horse then?" I asked her, genuinely interested.

"Hmm, I don't know yet, it's a girl, but I'm stuck" She thought

"How about a Penny?" I said

"OMG You're serious right?" I said and I nodded confusedly

"I already have a horse called Penny. Are you psychic or something?" She asked. 

"I actually didn't know that aha!" I laughed for ages, basically until we reached the collection point and the thing that made it even better...

Summer laughed with me. 


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