The Farmer Girl

Summer Williams is The Farmer Girl. And that's all she is ever going to be. She'd rather ride her horses, milk the cows or play with the pigs than go to the cinema or go shopping. But this all changes when her friend Eleanor takes her to meet her boyfriend who just happens to be Louis Tomlinson. One of his band mates fall hard for Summer, but which one will break her heart? And which one will fix the broken pieces?


1. #1 Begging

Summer's POV

I wiped my brow of sweat before I placed the shovel against the fence of the horses pen. That's the downside of owning a farm; the poo picking, but someone has to do it!

Penny and Benji, the two horses on the farm who were for me to ride and enter in shows such as jumping etc. They were chasing each other round the circular fenced pen. Benji was a Arabian Pony who was chestnut brown with a black mane and tail. He was a very competitive horse and was the best a show jumping. Penny however was better at dressage shows as she was very dainty, even when she was only a foal. She was a Caspian Pony with a white mane and tail and brown and white patches all over her coat. 

"Over here boy!" I call Benji over and clip the leading rope to his head harness and lead him into his stable for the night. When he gets into the stable, I repeat my actions with Penny. 

"Night my lovlies! See you tomorrow morning!" I say patting them both on their noses and walk towards the farm house. I open the front door and step inside, taking off my wellie boots and jacket. It was now 7:30 so I decided to take a shower before my best friend Eleanor came over. She had text me earlier saying she needed to talk to me about something I don't know what. 

After my shower I put on my leopard print onesie and sat downstairs waiting for a knock at the door. After half an episode of Glee later, Eleanor arrived and walked in without knocking.

"Ever heard of a thing called knocking?" I said as she dumped her coat, shoes and handbag where my wellies stood. 

"Yeah, well I have good news!" She said plopping down next to me on the sofa in my living room.

"If it's something about a discount at Hollister you're offering me, then I'm not interested!" I said, placing two mugs of tea on the table which sat in front of the sofa. I had never been interested in clothes, I was happy with my checked shirts and denim shorts, wellies and cowboy boots. 

"No, it's something better!" She said.

"Hit me" I said sipping my tea.

Then she punched me. 

"Ow!" I said punching her back

"You said hit me!" She threw her hands up in defense.

"I didn't mean it Christ El!" I said rubbing the sore part of my arm. 

"Sorry, anyways, tomorrow lunch, we are going out and you are going to meet Louis!" She squealed. I forgot to mention, my friend El, is Eleanor Calder, girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, who is a member or One Direction, the biggest boy band in the world. I liked their music but I wouldn't go bat shit crazy over a tweet. I'm just a subtle fan. 

"No way!" I said, "Penny and Benji need riding in the morning and I need to go and collect my new horse tomorrow afternoon!" 

"Penny and Benji can wait Summer! You never get out! You devote your life to them two! And you're getting another one?!" She said.

"I love them and yes, I found a beautiful Icelandic Pony online! She needs to be collected at 5" I stated my argument, no way do I need to meet Louis.

"It'll just be us for an hour in Starbucks though! Please Summer!" She pleaded










"Yey!" El squealed.

"Now get out of my house!" I ordered.

"See you tomorrow at 12" She reminded me.

"Yeah... great!" I said sarcastically and closed the front door. 

A/N So, first chappie, how did I do? Love you all <3 xx

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