A short collection summary of the story of Celor and Feyer Firesky, their friends, foes, and family


1. The Spires of Ishnu.

Around the cold, empty streets of the nature-filled city of Ishnu walks a lonely elf, clad in a green gown, she matches nicely with the lush, dew-covered grass surrounding her.

Her naked feet sneak through the grass. any sound covered by the joyous chirping on the many songbirds sitting in the tall trees, decorating them like colorfull baubles, but above everything, the tall, ivory spires reach towards the sky, like plants, they stretch and bend towards the lowering evening sun, allowing the last shimmers of light to shine brightly over the streets.

Yet as the girl walks, a sudden fear strikes her, she knows that this is her paradise, yet a world exists outside of it, a world at war, where bloodshed and the death of innocents is no longer a thing only heard of in the songs of the wandering troubadours, her fianceé is out there, fighting, putting his life on the line for the safety of their home and their unborn children, yet he had no choice, her fianceé, Celor, was once a powerful archmage, yet a horrible accident split him from his righteous path.

During one of his usual sessions, his apprentice had approached him, a adolescent elf, wanting to show off his newly taught spells, did not wait for Celor to allow him, he simply rose his hands, muttering a soft prayer. releasing a soft glimmer of purple shards from his hands, to where a small portal would take form infront her his fragile frame, and as the ritual continued, the target slowly started taking from, a toddler, originally meant to only be portalled to the halls, and then back to his village, yet something went wrong.

As the unstable arcane lines under the large tower gave the apprentice enough power to allow half of the toddlers from through the portal, yet a sudden burst of pain interrupted him, he had been stung by a wasp, forcing him to lose his concentration, slamming the small portal shut, yet sadly, the sudden burst of energies decapitated the toddler, leaving Celor the head of a young child to explain to the guards.

He failed, and was locked up, forced to serve for his unintentional harm!

And as all of these thoughts pass through the pregnant elfs head, she shudders slightly, her head lowered as a tough and harsh thought hits her again. "What if I never showed him the boy? Would our life be safe? Would I not have to fear for my husband? No.. No!.. I refuse! No longer I will sit around, waiting for the final message to be delivered! If my lover falls, so will I! Tomorrow, I will enlist, and we will fight together!"

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