The Invisible Girl

___________I destroyed them. Every last one. I destroyed The Resistance.....__________
When a Resistance slowly begins to form, quietly in the depths of a dystopian America, Selena Sparks a seventeen year old spy is sent to destroy the resistance. But does she destroy them due to hatred or love?


1. Chapter 1


,The Unexpected Guest,


         Most families have the expections that run through generations. Some are to be lawyers, others to be rich. All families have a legacy, mine is different. Mine is to follow my fathers steps. To be part of the Black Lotus.

         The Black Lotus is a alliance of people who want to destroy the Resistance. We all fight them and keep our people safe, we defend eachother but sometimes their power is to strong, so thats my mission, Destroy the Resistance. Bring peace to America.


         My gun is pointed at him, he stands there in their name, in their uniform. He doesn't know I'm here, no one does, according to them I'm not here but in Monte Carlo, home of Parliment. The boy sat down, he was alone sitting in an empty parking-lot looking around, someone's coming, I told myself and the grey large room I was in was becoming greyer by the second, and drip, drip, drip of the water coming from the roof was starting to aggitate me. Surely a few people walked in, like the boy they were muscilur, but wore a mask, I sighed at this but listened to what they were saying.

         "Dimitri Sir, the Black Lotus are getting closer to finding us, we must determine a perminant base, moving around is to risky especialy-" The boy was cut off by Dimitri's hand.

         "They will be puzzled, they think we have a perminant base in Canada, I've heard reports of it. Wherever you get the information must be an unriliable source." Dimitri's voice was husky, and malicious.

         "Sir, my sources are more than reliable-" Again the hand.

         "Toby, you are but a boy, and boys are children, children should not be seen or heard. You are becoming loud." Toby looked astonished, he stared at Dimitri, his eyes wide. He knew his fate.

         "Sir, I think you should-" Dimitri held up a hand.

         "Toby you have done well, but we do not question the Resistance, no one does. You shall be the first to know what happens when you question the resistance. I'm sorry Toby, I really am, you have severed you'r purpos, good-bye Toby."

         The bullet entered it's target, before anyone could do anything. Dimitri and his men left. The empty parking lot quiet once more apart from spluttering and choking from Toby. It became quieter by the second. Waiting a couple of seconds to ensure their departure, I fell from the ceiling and kneeled beside Toby. The bullet was through his stomach, but he had already lost so much blood there was no way of saving him.

         "1-1-12 Grov-Gro-er stre-" His last words. His eyes stared right into mine, but there was no life in them now, the emptyness shone out of them. I took his gun and extra bullets and ran to the door. I fired the gun, and left it on the floor, but kept the bullets. Hearing the heavy footsteps of the men again I ran into the shadows, leaving behind a black lotus.

* * * * * * * * * *

         "What can it mean?" Giselle tilted her head at the peice of paper. She placed her hand over one eye then back on the table. She was the only one I told about my adventure. I've been keeping an eye on the Resistance no one knew though only Giselle and Jack, my best friends.

         "12 Grover Street." Jack said. "But thats in New York, why would they be there? Is'nt that the home of the Fear Lord?" He looked over at me and Giselle and then nodded. "Definetly the home of the Fear Lord." Giselle and I nodded with him. I got up and walked to my dads study. They followed and when we got in my dad was sitting down already on his computer. Damn! He wasn't supposed to be home.

         "Selena?" His voice called out to me.

         "Yes?" He raised an eyebrow at my appearance.

         "What are you doing here?"

         "Umm, information on the Fear Lord, if you have any. Do you?" His eyebrow raised again and then he got up walking towards a cupboard.

         "Why?" He asked pulling out a folder.

         "Umm, you know me." He nodded before passing me the folder. I smiled to signal a thanks and he waved it off. Amy came hurrying into the study callin for father.

         "Mr Sparks, there is a man at the door for you, a Mr. Youker Hamish."

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