People rarely want to be different, but all I am is different. I have hid it most of my life, now I'm in high school (a junior) and people are starting to figure it out.And one thing I have learned is If you love someone put their name in a circle
cause Hearts can be broken
but circles never end! Hi, I'm Jean and this is my story.


1. good characters

Jean- Really tall (5'11) dark blue/green eyes really long black hair with blue and red highlights. Lives with best friend (Gigi) and her family. Special powers are ice, wind, fire, and water.

Gigi- medium height (5'5) long dirty blond hair with blond highlights. Lives with her family and her best friend (Jean). No powers but knows about Jean's.

Theo- Gigi and Jean's great friend. Tall (6'1) brown short hair, really strong, brown eyes.  Special powers are ice, wind, fire, and water. He also knows about Jean's powers, but she doesn't know about his or that he knows about hers.

Harry-Jean and Theo's great friend, Gigi's boyfriend. Tall (6ft) brown curly hair, strong, green eyes. No powers but knows about Theo's.




 The next chapter will be the bad characters.


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