People rarely want to be different, but all I am is different. I have hid it most of my life, now I'm in high school (a junior) and people are starting to figure it out.And one thing I have learned is If you love someone put their name in a circle
cause Hearts can be broken
but circles never end! Hi, I'm Jean and this is my story.


3. First Day Of School

 I slowly opened my eyes to see my room. I sat up, yawned, and stretched. I got out of my bed and went downstairs. My parents left early for a meeting, which meant I needed to take my brother, Andrew, to school. I made us breakfast and woke him up, we ate and got dressed.


 After I dropped Andrew off at his school, I went to my school. "hey hey" said my best friend, Gigi, all happy. "hey" I replied "Guess who" said Gigi's boyfriend, Harry, as he covered her eyes. "Harry?" she guessed. "the one and only." I replied sarcastically. I used to like Harry but then he cheated on Gigi. She took him back but I still don't like him. "You know you shouldn't hate." I heard a familiar male voice tell me. I ran and gave him a hug. "I missed you!" I yelled. "really?" he laughed "shut up" I said and hit him. Me and Theo have been friends since preschool. " You know that kinda hurt." "yeah but classes will be worse" I said. Gigi and Harry came up to us. "let's do this shit." Harry said. We all laughed even me.

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