People rarely want to be different, but all I am is different. I have hid it most of my life, now I'm in high school (a junior) and people are starting to figure it out.And one thing I have learned is If you love someone put their name in a circle
cause Hearts can be broken
but circles never end! Hi, I'm Jean and this is my story.


2. bad characters

Jackson- Jamie's twin brother, tall (6'2), hazel eyes, brown spiked hair. no powers.

Jamie- Jackson's twin sister, medium height (5'3), hazel eyes, long straight brown hair. no powers.

Andy- Alex's boyfriend, tall (6'3), blue eyes, spiked red hair. no powers.

Alex- Andy's girlfriend, medium height (5'4), green eyes, long black hair. no powers.






                     The story officially starts either later or tomorrow!

                                                                                 ily, Chloe  

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