People rarely want to be different, but all I am is different. I have hid it most of my life, now I'm in high school (a junior) and people are starting to figure it out.And one thing I have learned is If you love someone put their name in a circle
cause Hearts can be broken
but circles never end! Hi, I'm Jean and this is my story.


4. After school (Gigi's P.O.V.)

Gigi's P.O.V.

After school me and Jean were at her house. She was typing away on her computer while I was just laying on her bed. " It's so hot!" I yelled Jean just simply touch the wall and the walls, floor, and celling where ice. "Thank you." I said "mhmm" "I think Theo loves you!" I gushed. I knew she would talk to me if I said that! "Stop, he doesn't love me! We've just been friends for a long time." "You're right!" "I am?" "Yup, you love each other!" I gushed again. She touched the wall and made the room hot! "Uh!" I moaned. She just laughed.

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