Little Lies

Who knew that something so small, could ruin everything?
Regan McCoy isnt real
but everyone loves her.
Im Vera Canon, and I created a heartbreaker.


1. Little Crush


I yawned and sat up, wiping the drool away from my parted lips. I sat up and rubbed my eyes as I moved my finger across the finger pad on my laptop. I pushed down, clicking into my notifications. 

I scrolled down and jumped, my eyes widening at the sight.

"Hunter Collins asked; Your personality is beautiful, but what do you look like?"

That was a question I could never ask. If i sent a picture of me, he would laugh, knowing that I'm not pretty like the girls he tends to date. You know, white blondes. Not me in any way. In fact, I have brown hair, and not blue eyes, I have brown orbs. My skin? Light brown. Yep, exact opposite of his ideal girl. Or woman.

I was replying with a simple no, but before i could press send, my brother walked into my room, grabbing some tampons from my drawer. 

"River, what are you doing." I mumbled, glaring at him. 

"Vera, calm down, its only for a science experiment. My friends and I want to make floaties." 

I clenched my jaw and set my computer down, standing up and walking away swiftly. 

"Daddy! River is bothering me!" I yelled as I walked down the stairs. He was on his phone, going on 

"Hey Vera, your great great great grandmother was a slave, how interesting."

I held my breath and turned away, running over to the kitchen before jumping onto the counter. 

"Vera, dont sit where food goes."My mom yelled, her thick irish accent ringing through my ears. 

"You know what, I am going to Brendan's house." I chuckled and walked out, barefoot to my best friends house. He lived a block away, but I didnt need shoes, right?

I walked and walked, until I heard someone playing basketball. My head turned down before I heard a deep voice scream out my name. 

"Vera!" I snapped my head up and smiled awkwardly at Hunter. 

"Heey, Ive gotta run, Brend-" 

"Wanna stay here with me?" He asked rather innocently, catching me off guard. 

"Yeah sure, he wont mind I guess." I smiled quickly before he led me into his huge house. 

It was beautiful. The floor was a dark shade of wood, and the walls were lined with a warm beige. I could always see Brendan later, right? He walked to his room, obviously expecting me to follow. I felt slightly embarrassed, considering the fact that I was barefoot and probably smelled like my 14 year old brothers science experiment.

"So Vera," he started, and my head snapped up quickly. "You obviously know know more about girls than I do."

I tilted my head a bit. "Well I wouldn't say that, considering I've never dated one." I mumbled with a chuckle.

He laughed a bit and sighed. 

"You see, I'm in love with someone I have never seen before." Ouch. Well okay.

"Well, that's nice..."

"I need your help. Her last name is Hemmings apparently, and she goes to our school."

My eyes widened and I coughed a bit.

"Its not Hemmings." I said quickly.

"Oh, so you know her?"

Crap. I shouldn't have said anything.

"Slightly." I nibbled on my lip nervously.

"What does she look like? Is she beautiful?" He shot questions at me.

"Um, well I guess. Depends on what you like."

"Blonde hair, bright blue eyes and obviously curvy."

My heart broke a little bit.

"Well, maybe you'll like her. I don't know.."

He smiled a bit and cracked his pale knuckles. 

"Here, I'll DM her and say that I know you!"

I shook my head. "I wouldn't d-"


I felt my phone ring in my pocket. 

He looked at me, slightly shocked.

I took my phone out and bit my lip as I saw it was Hunter.

" couldv'e ju-"

I raised an eyebrow and pressed on a recent conversation I had with Brendan.

"Hmm? Oh no it was Brendan." I said, showing him the screen.

I heard him sigh in relief which made my heart break a little more. 

"Phew, okay. You better go see him. I don't want you to get there late."

I laughed a bit and nodded.

"Okay." I stated as I began walking out.

"If you see my girl, tell her that I think she's beautiful, no matter what!"

I nodded and sighed.

Message received.

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