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When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


11. The songs

Niall sat and played guitar with the guys. I chose to go out in the yard and immediately I saw a path that went down to the sea. I followed it and came down to the warm sand. It was wonderful smells and I could do nothing but enjoy. In a way, I was happy for Nialls sake, but at the same time it was a little scary. I knew that the future would require a lot of him and I didn't want him to go back to old habits.


I had been there for a moment when suddenly I heard Louis voice behind me. 
"How are you?" 
I spun around and smiled at him. 
"It's perfect." 
He came down to me and smiled towards the beach and then he looked at me. 
"Niall love you." 
I blushed and nodded. 
"I know." 
Louis smiled uncertainly and he pulled slightly his foot across the sand. 
"Emelie, I know that he hasn't had it easy, and I understand that he's afraid. Last time I heard about Niall, a friend told me that he was addicted to many things." 
I didn't know if I would be honest. I didn't answer. Louis swallowed and he looked at me again. 
"I just want you to know that we will take care of him. I'm not going to let him become this person that he was at the end of their careers."
Niall had four good friends, if he saw it? Louis cared about Niall and I was sure that everyone was doing so in the group. I smiled back and I was glad that Louis was honest with me. 
"He hasn't had it easy." I said. Louis nodded and he swallowed. He seemed to have many things to say, but he hesitated at all times. 
"If there's something that happens, as you don't have control over, you can call me or the other." he said. I wondered if he meant it as a support or they didn't think that I could help Niall? I didn't dare ask. 
"Thank you!"


We went back to the house. I came back to the couch and Niall were in full swing to play on the guitar. I saw that he was happy and I could see he loved to be with the others. He laughed and he sang. His voice was no longer young and velvety, but I knew it so well. They sang old One Direction songs and I heard they almost remembered all the lyrics.


"So Emelie." suddenly said Harry and smiled at me. "Your favourite song?" 
I looked at him and I was trying to figure out which one I liked. I had many favourites. 
"Small things?" 
Harry laughed. 
"You mean Little things?" 
I blushed quickly. 
"Yes, that's what I meant. It was so long ago that I heard your songs."
Niall was amused and he laughed at me. 
"Sweetheart, it's okay." 
Harry agreed and smiled at Niall. 
"Shall we sing that song."
I could do nothing but sit down. Memories came back and I remembered so well how many times I had listened to Little things. It was once my favorite song and I felt my whole body trembled. All five guys had wonderful voices and I couldn't help but see how special they was just in that moment.


Niall was happy when we went to bed in the evening. He laughed and lay directly on top of me. I felt his arms around me and he kissed me. I felt how he pressed himself against me, but I hesitated. 
"The others can hear us?" 
Niall grinned and put his elbows on either side of my head. 
"And? I think they have sex with their girlfriends?" 
I giggled and he rubbed his boner against me. I spread my legs and looked into his eyes. 
"Niall, you're crazy?" 
He laughed and nodded. He groaned and looked down over my body. 
"I'm a sex maniac."
Niall was quick and he got off my panties. He pulled down his own underwear and I felt how he penetrated. I bit my lip to not moan out loud. Niall laughed at me and I felt him slid in all the way. 
"Damn you are so wonderful." he moaned and kissed me. He lay down on top of me and slowly he started to move on the hip. I took my legs around his waist and my arms slid around his back. Niall groaned and he breathed heavily. I felt how he began rapidly pumping into me and he kissed me passionately. I tried to hear so that none of the others stood outside the door, but eventually I forgot about them. I whimpered against him and I felt my body gave up. Niall sat below me and he took my legs up to his shoulders. He penetrate again and I saw at him he was close. He let one hand slide down and he stroked me. I didn't need more. I closed my eyes and I felt my whole body shook. I could feel every inch of me reacted and I had to put a pillow over my head, not to yell straight out.


Niall lay down beside me and he was breathing rapidly. He was red in the face and he tried to calm down. 
"Damn, we should use condoms?" 
I looked at him and realized he was right. 
"Or I get birth control?" 

He nodded and smiled at me. 
"It would probably be the best. We don't have time for kids right now." 
I laughed. 
"Have you planned to have children?" 
Niall raised his eyebrows and he blushed. I saw that he really had got that idea. He  seemed almost hesitate. 
"Haven't you thought about children?"
I saw at him that he wanted to hear a particular answer, but I didn't want to lie to him. 
"No? I'm only twenty five years old." 
He lay on his side and looked at me. 
"But you haven't even thought about becoming a mom?" 
I shook the head, but then nodded. 
He giggled and kissed me quickly. 
"One day we'll have kids, and one day we'll have all that Liam has. Houses, cars and a lot of small Horan's running around."


The day after, I started to pack the things we had brought with us. The others sat on the patio and sang. I heard they tested different songs and I enjoyed. I closed the two bags and took them down to the car. We had to go home and I knew that everyday was coming. I kept my fingers crossed that Niall would like his new job and that he would be able to take care of himself. I knew it was important because One Direction were formed again.


All hugged me when we would leave the place. They smiled and laughed. It felt as if they were still around their twenties and they had met to plan the tour. Niall was happy and he hugged them all several times before we jumped in the car.


"I'm happy." Niall whispered and looked out the window. He looked dreamily and I smiled at him.
"Are you ready for this, then?"
Niall nodded and looked at me. His eyes were happy and he had got a harmonious face.
"Yes, I'm ready for anything. It will be the best gig we've ever done and I can't wait to get there."
I laughed a little bit and drove out onto the highway.
"Tomorrow you will work."
Niall sighed.
"You are a spoilsport."

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