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When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


2. The pub

It was a small pub which was in the outskirts of the city. The walls were worn and smoke of cigarettes lay thick over the premises. Some old drunken old men sat in a corner. Some middle-aged women's sat and giggled at a larger table. It was low mood and there weren't many who found that place. On the stage sat a troubadour, playing old songs that everyone had long since forgotten. Pub owner tried to put a good face, but he knew that the next month would perhaps be the last.


"You're crazy." I whispered to Hope and followed her into the room. It was a dark place, I didn't want to go in there and I was suspicious about everything. 
"But it's cozy." she said and giggled lightly. I chose to stay close to her, although there were no threats. I looked at the people who had come, and they were anything but normal. 
"I always go here sometimes." she mumbled and sat down at the bar. I looked over at the stage and saw the guy on. He smoked a cigarette, had a beer bottle next to him and he looked fall. I sighed and placed me next to my friend. Bar owner came up to us and I saw that he was happy that we had come there. 
"Beer!" Hope said cheerfully. "Two beers."
I sighed and wished that I had brought with me a cloth to wipe the seat with. I swallowed and gave her a cold look. 
"Can't we go to another place?" 
She giggled and shook her head. I saw that she looked at the stage and then she looked at me. 
"See that guy with the guitar?" 
It wasn't hard to miss him. He was the only man who I could look at, although he was slumped on the chair and sang with a hoarse voice into the microphone. 
She giggled. 
"Do you remember the One Direction?" 
I looked at her and nodded. 
"Five guys, great music and we were young at that time."
Hope leaned slightly toward me and she seemed almost happy to know more than I knew. 
"Niall Horan? Remember him?" 
I nodded weakly. 
"What's that to do with this evening? Shall we go to a museum and look at old memories?" 
She laughed and looked at the guy again. 
"He's Niall Horan."
I almost choke. I looked up at the guy again and I couldn't believe her words. He had a hat pulled down so that you hardly saw his red eyes. He was intoxicated by alkohol and he wasn't even good at playing guitar. 
"You lie!" 
She giggled and looked at the pub owner. 
"Who's the guy that sings?" 
"Niall Horan." we got that answer.






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