Just me

When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


18. The car

Niall let the limo drive to the back door. He pulled me out without speaking to a single person. As soon as we landed in the car, he threw himself over me. I felt how he kissed me and I answered the kiss. 
"I missed you." Niall groaned and he pulled me down on the floor. He landed on top of me and his hands were everywhere. I smiled and felt confident about my choice. It was with Niall that I belonged. I felt his hand pulled up the dress and he pulled down my panties. His fingers landed quickly over my clit and I ended up pretty soon in his power. I whimpered and I put him over me. Niall let a finger penetrate and directly, I was like crazy. I unbuttoned his pants and freed his boner. Niall groaned, and before I could think, he penetrated. We were like mad and none of us cared about the guy who drove the limo. We did just care about each other and I let him do what he wanted. Niall was moving fast and he got my whole body shaking. He kissed my face, my lips, my neck, and he pulled down the shoulder straps of my dress and came to my shoulders and my breasts with his lips. I moaned and I took my legs around his waist. Niall put his elbows on either side of my head and he looked straight into my eyes. I moved hard on my hips against him and I closed my eyes. It was as if I didn't care about anything but him. I moaned, I groaned and I loved him.


Afterwards we just lay on the floor and breathed. I felt the way our bodies were hot from what we had done. Niall was lying with my head against his cheek and he was breathing heavily. 
"I missed you." he whispered. "I didn't know where I was going and I understand that I let you down." 
I smiled. 
"Niall we start over and we forget what happened. Okay?" 
He nodded and looked into my eyes. 
"Honey, I just want to say that I'm nothing without you." 
I smiled and stroked his face with my hands. 
"I'm nobody without you." 
He kissed me and I felt only love in the body. 


All of a driver rolled down the window just a bit so that we could hear him. 
"Where are you going?" 
I blushed and realized he had heard us. Niall laughed a little bit and raised his gaze. 
"Can't you just drive around a bit for a while?" 
Our chauffeur laughed a little bit
"Okay, I'm driving around town?"


We pulled on our clothes and sat on the seat. Niall grabbed my hand and he smiled at me. 
"Can't we do everything together?"
"How do you mean?" 
Niall smiled and kissed me on the cheek. 
"I want to have with you everywhere and I promise you wont regret it."
I laughed and shook my head. 
"But I have a job to do?" 
He smiled and looked at me with an amused look. 
"Emelie, I have a secret with the guys. We've got a contract and we will make money again." 
I almost fainted. 
He laughed and blushed. 
"We're going out to the world again. They have found out that there are many countries that want to see us perform and the fans haven't left us. Contrary, they have increased in number."






I hope you like the story. 

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