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When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


13. Some consequences

On Saturday was Niall up early and I understood that he wanted to work even on that day. 
"Can I be with Hope today?" I got out of me. "Or when are you coming home?" 
Niall took his clothes on and smiled at me. 
"I don't know, but I promise that this will calm down in a week or so. It's just now in the beginning that it's stuff I have to do." 
I followed him with my eyes. 
"Will you be home tonight?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"Depends. I think so, but if you want to do something with Hope it's okay. I mean, it's Saturday?" 
I sighed. It was with him that I wanted to be and not with Hope.


"I think it just sounds as if he's healthy." said Hope, defending Niall. "It's great that the group to get together again?" 
I nodded and sighed. 
"But he seems so absent. He only cares about the things that he does and I have no idea what he's doing." 
She laughed. 
"I do believe that Emelie's a bit jealous of Niall? He's finally a life and maybe he's right. It will calm down?" 
I sighed. I wanted to believe her. 
"Just wish he could be just as loving as before." 
She took my hand and looked straight into my eyes. 
"No guy's like that all the time. They don't like to keep our hands and kiss us all the time, but they do it when they have time. It's like it is and I know he loves you."


Later in the afternoon we chose to eat at a restaurant. I wasn't used to eating out often and it felt nice not having to cook. 
"We should treat ourselves like queens today." laughed Hope. "Maybe a spa later on?" 
I laughed and shook my head. 
"No thanks." I got out. "I guess that's enough with food for me." 
She sighed. 
"If I pay, then?" 
I looked at her, but I knew I didn't wanted to go to the spa. 
"No, but thank you!"
"But something must we do?" she said and I understood that she wanted to take the opportunity, now that we finally had time. 
"Like what?" 
She sighed. 
"Pub, disco, cinema or perhaps something funnier? What do I know?" 
I laughed and looked around the room, right up until a person got me to flinch, I saw Niall, a man and two girls. One of the girls hung over Niall and she almost seemed to hang over him like a girlfriend. Hope followed my gaze and got sew on Niall. 
I agreed. I just stared at them and my whole body shook. I swallowed and I tried to think clearly. 
"It's certainly the job?" I got up. "It's only me who's jealous and sees things that aren't there." 
Hope agreed. 
"Yeah, but she looks very different. I mean, those who work with music doesn't look like that?"

I tried to think of a logical explanation. My head spun around and I saw how she whispered in his ear. Niall blushed, laughed and he smiled at her. 
"She thinks she can get him." I whispered. "But he knows he's mine?" 
And I heard Hope say something, but I didn't catch what she said. Instead, I saw the girl kissing Niall and he answered the kiss. I was totally cold, shaky and I just wanted to die. 


I ran out of the dinning area and I don't know what happened to me. I cried and I was shaking. I felt betrayed. Niall had said he wanted to be with me, he wanted me with him and that he needed me.


"He saw you!" 
Hope came running out after me. I didn't care. I walked along the street and I felt just how the body gave up. She caught up with me and stopped me. She was out of breath and I saw that she was trying to calm down. 
"He saw you." 
"And?" I pointed to the dinning area. "He seems to care much when he doesn't even follow to give me an explanation?" 
She looked pleadingly at me. 
"Please, it maybe .." 
I was angry. 
"Damn Hope! You saw that he answered the kiss and you saw her hands caress his body. He didn't resist?"


I packed all Nialls bags and put them outside the apartment. I got a chain to the door, so he wouldn't get in. Then I sat in the kitchen and just cried. I shook the and I felt small. I realized that maybe he was flirting, but not that he kissed the girls.


I heard when he came to the apartment. I heard he tried the door, but he didn't get it up more than a few inches. 
I didn't answer. I sat quite still and I closed my eyes. 
"Please, I can explain." 
I didn't want that, but he didn't give up. 
"It's what you do when to get contacts. It's just a kiss. Darling Please understand that there's another life to be famous."


In the middle of the night, I called Louis. I had no one else to talk to and I felt panic. I was empty, I was hopeless and I was crying. 
"What do you mean?" he said questioningly into the phone. "Niall's not cheating? He can't?" 
I cried. 
"He said it's what you do when you make contact." 
Louis sighing. 
"Damn, damn idiot., He should ..." Louis fell silent. "Okay, so he has gone off the rails?" 
I had no good answer. 
"I don't know!" 
Louis sighing. 
"I'm sorry, but like that was Niall at the end. He just made sure that he was all right and he was everywhere and helped himself."
I sighed. 
"But I don't want to be with a guy who's cheating on me, but I love him." 
I heard that Louis was still there, but he didn't say much. Finally he took a deep breath.
"Can I come over I promise to make sure he shape up." 
"But I threw him out?" 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"Trust me."


I barely slept that night and Louis came home to me in the morning. I was tired and he saw that at me. 
"You don't look well." 
I smiled and swallowed. 
"I haven't slept and I've been crying." 
Louis hugged me and I felt he was trying to comfort me. 
"It will be okay." 
I shook the head. 
"No, I don't even think that he realizes he has done wrong."


Louis was right, Niall showed up in the afternoon and immediately he was surprised that Louis was there. 
"Don't tell me that you're on her side?" 
He smiled and didn't seemed to care. 
"Niall, you're doing it all wrong again and I'm here to let you sharpen you." 
Niall just looked at him coldly. 
"This is between me and Emelie. You have nothing to do with it." 
I sat on the couch and avoided Niall. I didn't want to look at him and I didn't actually want talk to him for the moment. 
"I have everything to do with this." murmured Louis. "I still remember how you fucked around in the end of your career and how you drank just because you could do it." 
"It's not the same!" 
Louis smirked. 
"Yes, but now you had a girlfriend that loved you and you were alone. There's a big difference, but it's the same thing about you."
Niall frowned. 
"She's still my girlfriend." he looked at me. "Aren't you darling?" 
I quickly shook my head and felt the tears coming. 
"Niall you kissed her and I saw that you didn't mind. You didn't even bother to run after me and explain anything." 
Niall hesitated. 
"But it was just a kiss. I didn't fuck her." 
I looked up at him. 
"And how do I know that?" 
He hesitated even more. He became silent and just stared at me. The silent said it all. He had been unfaithful.


Louis took Niall out of the apartment and I lay in bed. I fell asleep and I was weak in the body. I realized that I had lost Niall, but in a way I was glad it wasn't because that he drank.


Louis came into the apartment and I heard that he locked the door. He sat down on the couch and I heard him sigh. I chose to leave the bed and peered out into the TV room. 
"How'd it go with Niall?" 
Louis met my gaze and he looked tired. 
"He's at home in his apartment now. He doesn't understand that he has done wrong. I'm sorry but I can't do no more." 
I smiled weakly. 
"Maybe it's just as well it happened?" 
Louis showed me to come and sit beside him. I did it and he took his arm around my shoulders. 
"I was glad he had found you, and I thought he had changed his mind." 
I swallowed. 
"Do you know how we meet?" 
Louis shook his head. 
"No, how?"

I told him briefly about the pub, on the park bench and how I got him to shape up. I told him that Niall had indeed shown me a wonderful side of himself, but everything changed after the weekend at Liam. 


"Niall's a diva." snorted Louis. "He thinks everything is about him, but I understand why you did as you did. You did the right thing trying to get him to get back on track again." 
I sighed. 
Louis smiled and looked at me. 
"Without you, he had been dead, but he doesn't know it yet."
I met Louis gaze. 
"Yes, he knows about that and he said it to me all the time." 
Louis frowned. 
"He's ungrateful?" 
I laughed a little bit. 
"Yes, he is indeed!"

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