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When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


10. One Direction

I saw right away that everyone was older. Liam looked more like a dad, which he was. Harry was older but was quite similar. Louis was older, but his body was more fit to what I remembered it. Zayn was least altered, but he looked older. When Niall jumped out of the car almost they ran all up to him. I was happy, because Niall the last part by the road had wanted to turn around and go home. 


"Niall!" they almost screamed and all five hugged, greeted each other and laughed. I chose to put me on the sidelines. Harry was the first to note that I was there. Niall smiled directly. 
"And this is my girlfriend Emelie." 
I was cheering to them all. 
"So you have a girlfriend?" Liam said. He said it in jest. "The Niall that I remembered was always alone." 
Niall smiled and took my hand in his. 
"I'm older and I've changed a lot in my life."
We walked towards the house and Niall didn't let me off. I felt that he was still nervous but I knew also that he could handle it. 
"My wife!" said Liam, pointing to a photo. "She chose to take the kids to her parents and let us be alone." 
Louis took his arm around Nialls shoulders and smiled a little bit. 
"You're the only one who brought you your girlfriend, but that's okay." 
Niall blushed. 
"I wanted to have her with me." he said, trying not to seem like a wimp.
Louis smiled at me. 
"It's just great to see that Niall isn't alone." 
I just smiled and we went in to a sofa. Niall sat next to me and held my hand tightly. He began to talk and everyone began to remember what once had been.


"You want a beer?" asked Liam. I saw at Niall he was startled. I knew he wouldn't be able to drink normally and in fact he said no. Harry looked at him in surprise. 

Niall gulped and blushed slightly. 
"Me and alcohol aren't friends. I stay away from it. "
Liam understood him. 
"Well, last time we met you were quite affected?" 
Niall agreed without shame. 
"I'm not the same person anymore and I prefer water and soda." 
Liam gathered directly a soda at him. I was actually proud of Niall and I saw at him that he now felt safe.


The guys talked further about memories and about what they had experienced. I sat and just enjoyed. It was so fun to hear them talk about the music, the fans, performances and more. I was almost in seventh heaven and I remembered how I had been as young. I had been a huge fan and I had loved everything that had to do with them. 


"You aren't boring?" 
I smiled at Niall and shook my head. 
"No, I love to hear your memories." 
Zayn sat closest to us and he smiled at me. 
"So were you a fan or what did you listen to when you were young." 
I blushed. 
"I was a fan, actually." 
Niall nodded proudly. 
"And I was her favourite."
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"My girlfriend hasn't been a fan and I'm next jealous of you Nialler." 

Niall laughed and nodded with satisfaction. I saw at him he didn't always knew what to say. Harry noted that.
"Niall was always the one that everyone heard. He talked loudly all the time." Harry looked at me and he had a lot of memories. "He was like a little boy all the time and I don't think he was quiet when he slept." 
Liam nodded and smiled at us. 
"But Louis was also quite talkative?" 
They started talking on and I chose to be silent.


"Do you know why you're here?" suddenly asked Liam. He stood up and he seemed to have planned something. "I've talked to some contacts, I have left since we was younger and we've talked about doing a reunion." 
Niall frowned. 
"What do you mean exactly?" 
Liam hesitate and he avoided all. 
"Next year we'll walk up on the scene again and have a gig in London, just for memory's sake? Our fans can see us and maybe even a new audience?" 
Niall hesitated. I saw him tense up and he looked directly at me. Louis was on Liam's plan directly. 
"Well, obviously we need to do that." 
Harry seemed to think. 
"One show?" 
Zayn was just quietly and watched Liam carefully. I looked at Niall and I tried to see what he felt. He looked only empty and he looked at me. 
"I don't know." he whispered. "What if nobody comes?"
Liam heard him and he smiled weakly. 
"I've thought about that. We need to do much advertising and the tickets will be released six months before. When tickets go on sale, we notice after a while how many people that interested." 
Niall seemed uncertain. 
"But if nobody wants to see us?" 
Louis looked at Niall and he was more confident on the plan. 
"I have met many of our fans, and there are many who have asked if we shouldn't merge the group again. I think there's a chance that it will be something good." 
Harry agreed and looked at Niall. 
"And you're not alone. All five are together and we help each other." 
Niall looked down at the floor and I actually began to wonder why he hesitated. It sounded like got a great idea, but he didn't liked it. 
"I don't know." he said. Direct Liam seemed to think about how he would persuade him.
"We aren't One Direction without you. You played guitar and many loved you."


Niall and I got to sleep in a double bed and I think it was a guest room. Directly he crawled down and lay down near me. I felt his arms around my body and I saw that he couldn't fall asleep. 

"Niall, why do you hesitate?" 
He swallowed and looked at me. 
"At the end it happened so much that affected me negatively. I drank, I took drugs and I wasn't kind to girls. It sits like a stone in me, and I regret everything that I did at that time." 
I let my hand caress his cheek. 
"Niall, it was then, you are a different person today and I promise you that fans will come and listen." 
Niall nodded weakly. He watched me closely. 
"Are you with me that evening? You wont leave me?" 
I smiled. 
"I promise." 
Niall hesitated. 
"I answer in the morning when we wake up. It's much to think about."


In the morning, Niall did it. We gathered in the kitchen and Niall looked at everyone to see as they listened to him. 
"Okay, we'll do it!" 
All rejoiced and immediately became the mood much better. Niall smiled and then he looked at me. I recognized Niall Horan, the handsome guy who once made ​​me screem. He seemed more confident towards the past and I saw that he almost grew as everyone liked because he wanted to.

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