Just me

When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


1. Introduction

This story is about Niall after One Direction.
I see him as older, thirty years old, and from there I made up this story.






I remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing on stage and I heard cheering. I heard the scream and I heard how everyone just loved us. I stood with my guitar on my stomach and I saw Liam thanked the fans, because they had come. Zayn laughed and I saw that he was tired after all the songs and all the steps. Harry drank water to try to cope with the last song. Louis pulled out a comment and stood beside Liam.


You can't describe it all with words. A motion and the entire network was filled with the film sequence. The fans took pictures from every angle and I knew they loved us. I loved to stand there in front of them and I loved being with my four best friends. We did something that not many people could do and it was an honor every time we were there. The fans could sing along in all the songs, by heart, they wrote fanfic about us and they had fandom to maintain community. I had millions of fans and I was proud of them.


I was twenty-five when it started to go downhill. The fans began to get families and were no longer interested. The gigs became fewer, smaller, and finally we were on small stages in small venues. It was as if everything just ran by us and everyone got their own lives.


Zayn and Perrie had children, bought a big house and lived as a family. Harry moved to the U.S. and found his love through nice guy. Louis played football and managed to make a new career. Liam found a girl and they got quickly children. He moved to the coast and lived a pretty simple life.


I stayed on. I didn't manage to really find my place and after twenty-five years of age, I ended up wrong in the life. I was lost and I no longer knew where I belonged. From having been loved by all, I was just a name on a paper. I was nobody. I was forgotten.

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