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When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


5. In the morning

I woke up in the morning that someone was in the kitchen. I felt the smell of eggs and tea. I sat up in bed and it took a while before I remembered that Niall was in the apartment. I jumped out of bed and went to the kitchen. I was putting in hock when I saw a naked Nial stand at the stove. I couldn't help but to look down on his bottom. Niall noticed me and immediately he blushed. 
"My clothes?" he said a bit hesitantly. "They're not dry." 
I giggled and looked at his eyes again. 
"You could have borrowed a tank top or something?" 
Niall smiled and shook his head. 
"It's okay. I usually go naked in my home."
I saw on the table that he had put up food and I was surprised. 
"When did you wake up?" I asked and sat down on a chair. Niall turned off the stove and put a plate in front of me. 
"Early on I guess. I had nothing to do so I chose to arrange a breakfast for you." 
He sat down on the chair and I saw that he was satisfied. 
"Was that okay?" 
I nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"I'm not used to have a naked guy standing in my kitchen, but that's okay." 
He laughed and I recognized the laugh. It sounded like Nialls laugh and I saw at him that he actually thrived in my company.


When the clothes were dry, I took them out from the toilet and gave them to Niall. He smiled and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. 
"But?" I got out of me. He laughed a little bit and put on his underpants. 
"I had to give you a kiss. You are one of the kindest people I have met." 
I blushed. 
"Thank you!" 
He smiled and pulled on his pants. 
"It's I who should thank you. I needed a wake-up call and actually, I understand what you mean by that I'm selfish." 
I was surprised by his change and that he seemed normal. I sat down on the couch. Niall placed himself down beside me and smiled big. 
"Will you help me?" 
I frowned. 
"With what?" 
Niall smiled big and raised his eyebrows. 
"I want you to be my friend and I want you to continue to be honest with me."
I nodded. 
"I promise." 
He laughed and ran his hand through his hair. 
"I'll look for a job and I'll stop with all the stupid bad habits that I have." 
Should I trust him? 
"You're serious?" 
Niall nodded and looked straight at me. 
"I'm serious." 
I watched as he put on his shirt and actually he looked like a regular guy. I no longer saw a drunk guy who hated everything. Niall in front of me was more happy and he seemed to understand that life actually went on, although he didn't participate. 
"What should I do first?" he asked. "I want to look for a job and stop feeling sorry for myself."
I laughed a little bit. 
"You should do so, but it's Sunday today and you'll have to wait until tomorrow." 
He nodded and seemed to ponder. 
"I should cut my hair too?" 
I nodded immediately. 
"You look like a..." 
He laughed and nodded. 
"I know!"
I came up with an idea. 
"I have a friend who's a hairdresser. Shall I call her and ask?" 
Niall was surprised. 
I nodded and picked up the handset. I played a number and immediately replied Hannah. She didn't seem glad over to get extra work, but she said yes because it was me who asked.


When Niall had gotten a haircut, he looked like he would. I felt the entire stomach tingled and I must admit that he was still looking good. He was older and he had no longer bleached hair, but it was Niall. 
"You stare?" 
I blushed. 
"Well, you look good." 
He was amused and smiled at me. 
"So I still have some talent left?" 
I nodded and chose to avoid his eyes. 
"Yeah, maybe?"
Niall stopped in the middle of the road and looked at me with a special look. 
"May I admit I'm glad I met you?" 
I stood next to him and nodded. 
"If I still may be your fan?" 
He laughed. 
"Well, I guess I can't forbid you?" 
I smiled and was about to start walking again. Niall grabbed my waist and without question, he took me into his arms and kissed me. I was surprised, but I responded to the kiss. My stomach tingled and my legs became weak. I took my arms around his neck and I went on with him. Niall held his arms tightly around my body and he let his tongue slip in between my lips. I groaned and directly he ended the kiss. 
"Sorry!" He breathed quickly. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw that he wasn't sure, but he still held me in his arms. 
"It's okay!" I whispered. Niall smiled and he looked at me closely. 
"Emelie, I think I have feelings for you, even though we just met." 
I blushed. 
I knew how he hesitated. Yet he let our lips meet again and I felt that he was intenvis. It was as if he wouldn't drop me, as if he had to kiss me to see if I answered it.


Niall held my hand and we walked towards my apartment. We were quiet and we said nothing. I felt that my whole body was in rebellion. Had Niall really feelings for me? I myself was divided. Part of me loved him, but I still had the picture of Niall from the pub in my head. I didn't know if he was serious about the change and I didn't know if he would pull himself together. Still, I wanted to trust him. I wanted to believe in Niall and I wanted to help him.






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