Just Another Stupid Love Story

This is just another stupid love story between 2 lovers who can never be together with some action, fantasy and suspence


1. Kay West Bio

Kay West:


Hair-               Black


Eyes-               Blue (left) ~ Green (right)


Height-            5"


Weight-           100lbs


Birthday-         November 18, 1998


Weapon-         blood vein sword


Power-            poison blood and fire casting



                        Kay is your normal 17 year old girl with a twisted past. When she was 6 years old she watched her mother get stabbed to death by her psycho dad. Kay went to a therapy session after being diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD. After the tragic loss of her mother, Kay begins to suffer amnesia and Kay’s father becomes very verbally and physically abusive. A year after watching her mother brutally murdered she went insane and drilled 37 screws into her abusive fathers head in his sleep. Kay was then put into Degree 15 insane asylum for 1st degree murder at the age of 7. She was releases to an orphanage on her 10th birthday (November 18, 2008). When she was 13 she was adopted by an older lady named Samantha Black who had a Husband, Vince Black, and a son, John Black, who they also adopted. She then lives with the Black family as their maid/servant for years. Mr. and Mrs. Black treat Kay very well; they treat her like a normal human being and a part of the family with only a few more chores than their son John. Kay grows fond of the family and begins to fall in love with John. John starts teaching Kay sword fighting and hand to hand combat on her 14th birthday, for fear of her getting hurt in high school. 

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