coraline 2

just my idea of a sequel to coralline.


2. little door?

My mom, Coraline, moved us to the pink palace. I hate it here!But I guess I could at least explore! I walked through every room in the house and with blue wallpaper. I moved around some boxes to look around and found a little door? I opened it and found a brick wall. I sighed and continued walking. I walked around the house and was still totally bored, so I decided to take a look outside. I was about to step out the door when I saw a package. I took it inside and open it. Inside was doll that looked just like me, but with button eyes. I shook it off and went to dinner because my mom was calling.

After dinner I sat with the doll. Told it about how much I hate this house. Till I finally fell asleep. I woke up to a weird sound. Mice! I followed them on the way down to the little door they went behind it. I opened it thinking I caught them but then a tunnel appeared. Being curious I went through it. But I couldn't believe what I saw!

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