The stories of mystery and magic

The stories take place in a world where nothing is what is seems.
You’ve heard these stories being told over and over again, but have you ever heard like this?
You’ll get caught in these stories, so it you dare turning the page and read further, you’re on your own.
God can’t help you from now on.
Good luck.


1. The entrance to magic and mystery

Do you believe in magic, or in another world, a better place to be, with a bit of danger? Go to the place where you walk every day, but go at night, and look for the things you see every day, but never notice.  That’s the place you want to be.

Did you find it?                                                               

It’s the gate to another world, inside this gate is where all the magic happens. No wands are waving here, if that’s what you’re looking for, then don’t open the gate, and don’t cross the line.     Here you’ll find the real magic, everything here is alive. But watch out, not everything here is good.  Cause with good, comes evil.                                              

Do you know who to trust?                                                        

Curious? Do you want to step inside?          

 Do it.                 

 You go to the gate, but it’s locked. You knock on the bars. One of the gate doors opens ajar. Light is shining out, like you’ve never seen light shine before. A man sticks his head out. “What do you want?”                                                           

Tell him that you’re sorry you’re late, but you’re here now.     

 “I’m sorry I’m late, but I’m here now,” you say carefully.        

 The gate doors get opened, in there it isn’t night, in here it’s light, even though there are no lights, as far as you can see. You have to go a long way through a tunnel, before getting there. “Next time, be on time, thank you,” the man says annoyed. The man looks old, and is very short; he has a cane in his hand. He looks at you and starts to walk into the tunnel.      

You’ve come this far, why don’t you follow him?                                                                                  You take careful steps, going inside the gate, you are in.             

But don’t stop, keep walking.                                                                                                                  You’re a little behind the small, old man, but it’s easy to catch up to him, he isn’t walking that fast. There’s other ways, in the tunnel, leading to, who knows where. A lot of people are walking in the other tunnels, but you and the old man is the only people walking in this one.                                                 

The people look a little different than normal, but remember don’t stop, don’t stop and look at them.                                                                             

You get further into the tunnel, you can again go to the left, right or straight ahead, the old man walks straight, there’s more different looking people here. You really want to get a better look at them, so this time you anciently stop, without thinking. The old man doesn’t notices and he keeps walking.                                      

You look to your left, they all stop what they are doing and look at you, they start to move towards you, all in the same pace. Look to your right, they are coming at you too. You start to panic, but you can’t move, you can’t continue. These people aren’t people you finally notice!                                      There were boxes with clowns in them, jumping towards you. 3 meters tall guys, living toys, walking, jumping, and running towards you. They looked like at scary circus.                                        I told you not to stop.                                                                                                                                They get closer, you don’t know want to do. They are saying things, but you can’t understand them, they are whispering so low, that you can’t hear them. Out of nowhere the old man stands in front of you.                

“I told you not to stop. These are people who stopped, do you want to become one of them?” he says. If you’re lucky, he will give you another chance, but if not, you’ll stand in front of the gate, and you’ll never come back. He grabs your arm, now you can move again.         

So start walking.      

Never get to curious.                                                                                                                             There’s so many times you can walk to the right and left, but you keep going straight, and you don’t stop. You come to a dead end, the old man looks at you.     

“Do you believe in magic?” he asks you                                   


In a blink of an eye, the wall is gone, out of nowhere it’s not a dead end anymore. You walk out to the streets of magic and mystery.  

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