The stories of mystery and magic

The stories take place in a world where nothing is what is seems.
You’ve heard these stories being told over and over again, but have you ever heard like this?
You’ll get caught in these stories, so it you dare turning the page and read further, you’re on your own.
God can’t help you from now on.
Good luck.


4. Lightning trees

You won’t find a person, who hasn’t seen the lightning trees. Go back to 1800 and they’ve been there, go back to the 1000’s and they’ve been there, go back before Christ, and they been there. Ask someone if they’ve heard about them and they’ll say yes, ask someone if they’ve seen them and they’ll say no. The lightning trees only get seen by the believers. The believers of magic.          Have you seen them?                                                                                                                                 You want to?                                                                                    

Great, but first you have to go down a road, a road that nobody wants to go down. The street is dirty, and feels scary. The people are intrusive, they won’t let go of you till you’ve look them in the eyes, but don’t look them in the eyes. 

Who knows what happens to you?               

Can’t tell you either, cause nobody ever came out again to tell the story.   

So my best advice is don’t.                                            

Continue walking, but only if you dare, you’ll meet more people and they won’t stop, you’ll even get lost once or twice even though you’re walking straight, but with all there’s going on, you won’t see what’s left and what’s right. But at the end you’ll get there.                                                                      In the end of the street lies a little garden, some sees a waste of space, an empty lot , some sees a park with a bench or two. 

But then there’s you, you don’t see that, do you?                                                

In the middle you see two trees, the trees are glowing in green light. These are the lighting trees. Lightning strikes the trees every minute to keep the light going, so they won’t miss their glow.         Wait a minute, and it’ll happen.                                                                                                

It’s done this for as long as people can remember.  You can’t get hit, they can’t be touched, they can get heard, and you can see. See the slow lighting sliding down the sky, and into the trees, all the way down to the roots.          

Touch the trees when the lightning strikes, and with luck you can get a wish, wish for anything you want to. But if you aren’t lucky, you get the opposite of what you wish for.               

Do you dare to make a wish?

Well, I guess since you’ve crossed the entrance, seen the magic, trusted evil, so this wouldn’t be a problem for you, would it?

So what do you say?


Great, got your wish now?                                                                                    

Go touch the trees. 

Close your eyes, now it comes. 


“I wish for…” 

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