The stories of mystery and magic

The stories take place in a world where nothing is what is seems.
You’ve heard these stories being told over and over again, but have you ever heard like this?
You’ll get caught in these stories, so it you dare turning the page and read further, you’re on your own.
God can’t help you from now on.
Good luck.


2. Hardys

The stories about this place are endless, some say it’s the portal to another world, others say the people in there, aren’t humans, and some goes in, but they don’t come out.                                                                                                          

What place am I talking about, you ask?                                         

Well, you have to go deep into the streets, the place nobody goes, but everybody wants to see. The place of mystery and magic, the place where it’s not just the people there are alive.                 On this street, lies the indecent candy-store Hardys,  ever heard of it?        

No? Well, then you’re in for a treat!                                 

On the outside, it looks like the candy-store next door, the one you go to, when you need your Friday candy.                                                                            

The windows are covered with sweet sugar, so you can’t see what’s going on inside.                        The sign makes you think, that when you get inside, all the candy will be stacked, it might look like the typical candy-store, you’ll be waiting for the old sweet lady to come out in her apron, and ask what she can help you with, and that’s when you say – show me the magic.  And the magic appears, but that’s all just another story, isn’t it?                                                                                  The red walls give you the feeling that it is that boring Friday candy-store, but there’s something more happening here. Don’t be confused, this is the place, if you are ever lucky enough to find this place.                                                                                                

So why don’t you step inside and see what you find?           

You take a small careful step, into the classic candy-store, the rows of endless candy in glass mugs behind the counter, there’s nothing here you can’t find.           

Small whispers behind you capture your attention, but as you turn around, nothings there, but the whispers continue, you walk closer to the shelves with hard candy and licorice inside glass mugs, and look closely.  “Why are you looking at us?!” you hear. But you can’t put a face to the voice. “Who’s there?” you ask, but no reply.                                                                                                                  

 The cashier comes out, as you turn around. It’s that sweet, old lady you’ve heard from the stories, which makes you wonder if it’s true.             

 Dare to ask?                 

 "What can I help you with, my dear?” she asks.                   

 “Show me the magic,” you say, which makes her smile. At that moment, everything comes to life.                                                                              

 The gumball machine to your right turns on, out of nowhere; it’s spitting the gum out, and hits the glass mugs behind the counter. The candy in the glasses starts to shake, like they’re going to explode, and off comes the lid, the candy starts to go everywhere.                                                   You bend down a little, so you won’t get hit, but it goes all around you, not one little piece hits you, but as you look at the ground, there’s no pieces, not one single piece. The candy is flying all around the store.                                                               

You turn around, cause the whispers starts again, you turn to see small people come out from the shelves, but as you look closer, it’s not people, its candy, its small pieces of candy, they’re coming out from their hiding places. Careful steps, one at the time, cause they aren’t sure, if they should come out, but they do it anyway.                                         

They take a licorice stick, out of a glass; do so they can crawl up the shelves, till they’re standing at the top.  “What now?” you ask. They go to the edge. And they jump! You want to catch them, till you see, gummy butterflies, already did your job. They circle all around you; you follow them with your eyes, spinning around in circles, getting dizzy.  The magic is everywhere.  You look in a corner cause you hear croaking sounds, chocolate frogs are jumping around, up and down the shelves, talking to each other, gummy worms are sliding on the floor, you couldn’t find a thing that weren’t moving. You smile from ear to ear, never wanting to get out of here.                                                       “Had enough, my dear?” The old lady asked.                                                                                            “How could you ever have enough?!”  

 “Want to see more?” She walks to the door, she came out of, opens it and walks down the stairs. You follow. If you weren’t a believer going in, you are defiantly a believer coming out.  

Magic is everywhere; you just have to look for it.

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