The stories of mystery and magic

The stories take place in a world where nothing is what is seems.
You’ve heard these stories being told over and over again, but have you ever heard like this?
You’ll get caught in these stories, so it you dare turning the page and read further, you’re on your own.
God can’t help you from now on.
Good luck.


3. Goodwin killer

Never walk alone at Goodwin’s court, they all say. At day it looks nice, it looks like a place you want to take your sweetheart’s hand and walk slowly through the ally, and talk about everything between heaven and earth.  Maybe you should do it at night time; I bet you’re thinking, it’s more romantic, you’re thinking that too, right?                                                                                                I’m right aren’t I?                                                   

Well, a word of advice, don’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

It may look like the place you want to be at in the evening or at night, thinking the street lights, will get turned on and maybe a light from the end of the ally and one from the beginning of the ally would be,  oh so romantic,well, let me tell you the story of the Goodwin Killer, and that thought will disappear. Dark night’s hard work, cold streets, cars stopping, people jumping in and out, laughs, cries, joy, music, danger, yelling, loud noises.                                 

You walk fast to your car, cause you feel scared, you don’t know why, cause you’ve walked here a lot of times, but there’s something different about tonight. You search your bag for your keys, but when you’re afraid and shaky, it’s hard to find things, but you manage to find them.   You jump into the car and try to start it, but it won’t start. Your phone is dead, so you can’t call for help, you have to walk.  You feel the cold through your whole body, sounds behind, makes you stop and look back, but nobodies there.                 

Walk faster, you think to yourself.                       

You decide to take the shortcut through Goodwin’s Court; you’ve never liked this place, you tonight the lights in the ally are on, so it’s not that scary right now, which makes you relax a little.                   You stop, cause you hear someone behind you again, you feel a wind in your neck, like someone’s breathing right behind you. Looking back, no one’s there. Not even the girls lying on the ground notices anything. But you don’t blame them, drinking, bottles around them, big pupils, small eyes, not much clothes, but they don’t look like to be freezing. 

Walk away now! 

At the end of the ally is your car, you don’t questing it, you walk in and drive home.                                                                                   

Early morning’s regrets starts, walk of shame, hurt, sorrows, kisses, quiet, peaceful, silence. All that gets interrupted by a scream, this ain’t your normal –  was he that ugly scream, or the  God Dang it, again!   Scream, no, this is the scream of fear, the scream of all hope is lost, and all happiness has disappeared from the world scream. 

Ever heard that scream?                                                             

You wouldn’t wish to.                                                                                                                               

But if you ever do, don’t run to help, run to vanish. Cause if you go there, you’ll see death. Not just some old grandma lying in bed, no, this is brutal, ripped open, blood all over the place, killed, murdered, slaughtered death.  

Scared yet?                           

You’ll come to Goodwin’s court, the place where the  easy in, and fast out, but you’ll have to pay first girls hangs out, where you where yesterday. They usually aren’t there at day time, but today they still are. You walk in to the ally; it suddenly doesn’t seem so nice now. The windows now look like bars, the dark walls have surrounded the ally, and not a light is coming in. The flowers hanging from pots, that blossomed so beautifully yesterday, it now wilted, hanging down the wall. The light sprung, some of the glass in the windows is broken. This isn’t the place you want to be! But you’re there now, no turning back.                      

“What happened here?” you’ll ask scared.  They look at you with the most terrifying look you’ll ever see in your entire life. “It’s the Goodwin Killer,” one of them will say.    


“The man you have to fear the most, we don’t know who it is, but this is his fourth kill. He takes his victims in the car, get them to a hotel room, and he rips out their hearts with a knife, other parts of the inside is missing too, he must take them with him. Then he takes them back to here without anyone seeing it, and the next morning, well you’re here, it looks like this.”                                       You think back to yesterday, this could have been you, not that you would get into his car, but this could have been you. As you get home, wanting to look into this case, you get a bill from a hotel.  Since when where you at a hotel? Did someone steal your credit card? No, you still have it.                                   

Why don’t you remember being at a hotel last night?       

Where were you yesterday?

Don’t remember? 

Turn on the radio, the police got a new lead on the case, they are describing you…                  What’s the last thing you remember? 

Think back?!                  

You remember being at Hardys, but didn’t you leave from there?

You don’t remember more, than going down in the basement of Hardys.

Who do you remember talking to last?

You go find that person.                  

“What did you do to me?” you ask.                                                                        

But all you get is a smile.                      

“You trusted evil.” And with the blink of an eye, they’re gone.

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