I hate that I love you

Im Annabelle my friends call me Anna or Bella this is the story of how I bumped into the love of my life


3. There best mates !!?!

I got a text from Louis saying :

"hey do you mind to stop by there's some people I would like you to meet"

I texted him back:

" sure" 

I went out the door and drove to his house . I made it there within 15 min I walked up to his doorstep and rang the door bell and in like 5 seconds Lou opened the door "annbear" he yelled"loubear" I yelled after him he gave me a very tight bear hug " c.ccant bbbreath" I said he let go of me and I gasped for air I looked behind him to see a gang of boys and really pretty girls a beautiful brunette walked up to Louis " I'm Eleanor , Louis girlfriend " she introduced " Louis's got a pretty girl now there's a shocker" I joked " what's that supposed to mean " Louis wined pretending to be hurt . We all laughed " well anyway thats Niall ,Liam, Zayn ,and Harry " I looked at Harry and smiled he smirked back a girl with blonde hair looked at Harry then at me " you two know each other " she asked I nodded " we bumped into each other earlier today" .she walked up to me and held her hand" I'm Perrie,Zayn's girlfriend " I gladly took her hand to shake it " I'm Danielle " a tall girl with brown curly hair said " im Liam's girlfriend " well I'm Annabelle ,I'm nobody's girlfriend" I joked 

" well you tell this nobody he's a very lucky man" Perrie joked

We all laughed. I think I'm starting to like these people


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