I hate that I love you

Im Annabelle my friends call me Anna or Bella this is the story of how I bumped into the love of my life


2. Just an ordinary day ... Or is it!

I woke up in the morning with a grin knowing that there's no school today yayyyy mostly cause I get bullied in school but It doesn't bother me cause I'm captain of the cheerleaders team instead of Amanda who is like the most popular girl in school  and I also know that she's just jealous but at least I have my 3 best friends , Alicia , Jade , and Louis ( yes Louis Tomlinson from one direction) there always there for me when I need them . Anyway I went downstirs to see my mom Lauren " well someone's happy " she said smiling  " ya I guess it's because it's no school today " I said grabbing an apple  "Honey , could

you do me a favor and stop by at the grocery store and get a few thing " she asked " sure mum" I kissed her cheek and went out the door and onto the streets of England . I started smiling at the people , some would smile back and others would look at me like I was crazy I kept walking until I bumped on something hard  and fell on the ground " are you alright love" I heard a husky voice ask  I looked up and saw the hottest guy I have ever seen he had a mop of curls ,pink lips , and gorgeous emerald green eyes " ya I'm fine" I assured him he gave me a smile and helped me up" by the way , Im Harry " he introduced " I'm Annabelle but you could call me anna or belle " I said smiling " well I gotta go see you later" I felt a little sad " ok, bye" I sighed and made my way to the grocery store . Harry was stuck on my head all day he is so cute I wonder if he has a girlfriend I bet he does he'd probably choose a prettier girl then me any day 

I got a text from Louis saying 





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