I hate that I love you

Im Annabelle my friends call me Anna or Bella this is the story of how I bumped into the love of my life


4. Date

We were just sitting on the couch talking,laughing and goofing around when Harry asked me this 

" hey,Annabelle could I talk to you in private" everyone oohed me I rolled my eyes at them " uh

sure" he took me to what I'm guessing is his room cause it has the letters HARRY in big letters on the wall " I wanted to ask i-if you-u w-would go on a d-date w-with me" he stammered my eyes went huge but I was screaming on the inside when I met Harry I developed a little. Okay a HUGE crush on him " I would love too" a big smile grew on his face " YES!!!!!" Eleanor screamed as he burst in Harry's eyes widened and I blushed really hard Louis walked in after her " we wasn't listening if that's what you're thinking phuff " he blutterd out  " okay we were , DON'T KILL ME!!!!" me and Harry laughed and went out of the room to brake the news to the rest , but we didn't have you cause Louis ran to them and yelled " Annabelle and Harry are going out !" they all looked at Louis then at me and Harry ,ran then squished us to death with hugs " I'm so happy for you" Perrie squealed " girl , we gotta go buy you're dress NOW " Danielle yelled " let's go to the mall now" Eleanor suggested and practically dragged me and the girls to the car . We arrived at the mall and decided to check forever 21 . We looked every where but couldn't find the perfect dress " girls , you gotta see this dress " Perrie screamed we ran to her and saw the most beautiful dress " it's perfect " we said in unison 

If you want to know what the dress looked like here's a pic :




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