I hate that I love you

Im Annabelle my friends call me Anna or Bella this is the story of how I bumped into the love of my life


5. Date part 2


Our date is tonight and I'm really excited that moment I bumped into her I wanted to be in her life she's so beautiful, smart,funny I can't get her out of my head. I felt bored so I decided to text her :

Hey, are you excited for the date;)

After a few seconds she texted me back :

Very;)p.s flirty much ;)

I laughed at her text and looked at the clock it was 4:00 so we still have an hour till the" big date" , so I decided to get ready now .


Theres only an hour till me and Harry's date so I decided to call the girls . They all arrived in 4:03 

"I'm so happy fore you,Anny " Perrie squealed as she hugged me " i am excited but I'm also a bit nervous" I said looking down "why are you nervous love" Danielle asked worriedly " I don't know , what if everything goes wrong what if he doesn't like me what If I'm not beautiful enough for him " Eleanor put her hand on my shoulder "Anny, you are the most beautiful person all of us have ever seen especially him , he talks about you all the time we saw how happy he was when he met you " I smiled " thanks guys know let's get ready" I yelled like a cheerleader we all cheered and did cart wheels to the dressing room. They set up some makeup ( thank god not a lot ) and a curling iron " Madame Annabella , please take a seat" Perrie said in a French accent I laughed and took a seat .

      *skip the rest of the dress up*

I came out of the bathroom wearing the dress the girls stared at me with there mouths open " close your mouths you'll attract flies " I joked we all laughed until we were interrupted by a knock on the door . I went to opened it and I saw Harry leaning on the door looking down , he looked up and stared deep into my eyes my boring eyes and I stared into his amazing green emerald eyes " hey " I said and smiled  " you looked great " he said looking at my dress I blushed " thanks" I said looking down so he won't see me blush he gently lifted my head so I'm staring into his eyes " lets get going " he said smirking I smiled and nodded he took me out to his Ferrari "by the way , where are we going " he looked at me for a while " that's for me to know and for you to find out" I groaned and he laughed " could you at least give me a hint "  he shook his head and I playfully glared at him causing him to chuckle " you'll find out when we get there, love".

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