hope with horan

Kate and gem were stuck in a cruel world until they meet their savior niall Horan


1. first horan hope

k.       es point of view_   'gem dont worry we will get a home I promise' that was six years ago I can always remember the day we started living on the streets .now I'm 18 and gems 12 .'Kate when will we eat' 'soon gem soon'.     Nialls p.o.v_    me and the lads just got into a fight so I'm walking to the only place I can chill the alley. When I was walking down there I saw something move in a box, I went to check it out and these two girls looked at me the older looking one automatticly went in front of the small one and growled at me.'hey easy now I'm not gonna hurt you ''what do you want'the older one growled. 'I'm here to help' I don't know why I said that but it seemed natural.'you'll give us a home' the little ones eyes sparkled with fear and hope.'yes I will'. So I ended up walking these two strangers back to my place , hope the lads will be okay with it.         hope you guys liked the first chapter I'll try to make them longer also this is my first ever fanfic so its not that good but they'll get better so watch out for chapter 2 

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