Caylen's Time(Icy with Brutal-4th Book)

Caylen is Cato and Clove's daughter. She is a fierce competitor. She may be small, but she has what it takes to become a victor. This year is the 100th Hunger Games. Caylen's odds of being in it are high. Can the fourteen year old survive and continue the family legacy?


2. Chapter 2

I went to bed that night dreaming of being in the Hunger Games. I honestly hope I get reaped. Not many kids says that, but I am one who is. I dream of winning and all the fame and fortune I receive. Sounds like a dream come true. My brother and parents say it seems like one until you are there. I will enjoy every second of it. If I don't get reaped, should I volunteer?

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm going off. I quickly got up and got dressed. I put on black jeans, my red training hoody with my name on the back, and I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I always dressed in non-traditional Reaping Day attire. My parents never made me dress up, so I don't.

I walked down the stairs and saw the house was empty.My parents had left already and Ellnna was probably hiding, as she usually does on Reaping Day. She is always scared I'll get reaped. Little does she know that is what I want.

I walk out the door and start walking toward the Justice Building. It's a long walk if you take the city streets. Plus, traffic is always horrible on Reaping Day. I decide to take the Slum streets. The Slum is where all the crooks go. They usually kill you if you are an outsider or in an opposing gangs. Careers often go here if they want to get in a fight, but most don't come out alive.

When I get out of Victor's Village I turn right. I go straight until I hit  the Slum. There isn't a soul in sight, but they are here. The place is covered with trash. It's the opposite to Victor's Village, which is always clean. There are only small, abandoned houses here. All boarded up with rats running out of them. If you turn right on the biggest street, it leads you to the Industry. The Industry is where there are a bunch of factories, but at night, it's a spot you come to be killed by Careers. It's called night hunting. I do it often.

The streets are worn down. To the right are houses and shops, closed ones. To the left is a wall with arched openings. Each area beyond the arch belongs to another person or gang. You don't dare to go in one.

I walk through here a lot, usually with someone though. Today, I am alone and ready to fight anyone in my path. I take a knife out of my hoody and hold it just in case. I pull my hood over my head so I look more in place.

I don't get very far before I hear footsteps. I turn around and see a man. I throw my knife and say,"Yes?" The man falls to the ground with a knife in his chest and a gun in his hand.

"Well, Clove, it's good to see you again." A man says.

I turn and face him."You are?"

"You don't remember me, Clove?" He is tall, has yellow,crooked teeth. He wears all black and has a hood on. His dark black hair covers his eyes."You tried killing me a few times before. I believe I was the one who nearly killed you."

"Well, I'm Caylen and I don't just try. I always succeed."

He approaches me and gets into my face."Ah, Caylen. You must be here daughter. Come with me." He points a gun to my head."Now."

I roll my eyes and hit the gun free. When he hears the gun hit the ground, he has less than a second to react. I stab him in the chest. I pull my knife out and step over his dying body. My knife drips blood. People spot me, but when they see the knife, they back away.

About a half hour later I reach the city streets. The Slum ends with a big locked gate. You have to climb to get over it. I step on a trash can to reach the first landing spot. I eventually make my way over and jump.

In another ten minutes I am at the Justice Building. I throw the bloody knife aside. Alexis, a perfect bitch spots me. She gives me a look. I pull out another knife and she quickly turns away. I get my blood taken from the Peacekeepers and walk to the area set aside for fourteen-year-old girls. I stand among girls with perfect hair and dresses.

It's not long after that Harley gets to the stage, says a few words, plays a video, and returns to the mic. I see my parents and brother on the stage, my dad and brother almost asleep. My mom is rolling her eyes.

'Well, what a lovely video that was. Now, we will start with the ladies." Harley goes and picks a name out of the bowl." Alexis Reed." He calls. Everyone gasps and hugs Alexis's as she makes her way to the stage. She cries frantically.Harley helps her up the steps before picking another name. Once he see the name, he looks to my brother and parents. He clears his throat before saying, "Caylen Hawks."

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