Caylen's Time(Icy with Brutal-4th Book)

Caylen is Cato and Clove's daughter. She is a fierce competitor. She may be small, but she has what it takes to become a victor. This year is the 100th Hunger Games. Caylen's odds of being in it are high. Can the fourteen year old survive and continue the family legacy?


1. Chapter 1

It's no wonder I stand in the ring alone as no one will volunteer to fight me. To good for all the pathetic weaklings here in District Two. It's no wonder we didn't have a winner since my brother, Caden. He won 10 years ago in the 90th Hunger Games.

Tomorrow is the Reaping for the 100th Hunger Games will take place. I will most likely be reaped again. Which is fine. I want to go in. My brother won at 14 so why can't I? I'm just as god as he was. It should be a lot of fun for me if I get reaped.

"Caylen, get out. Go home." My brother, who is a trainer, says to me.

"I want to fight someone though. To bad I'm better than everyone here." I shrug.

"You can fight me when we close in a half an hour."

"I'll still win though you're a foot taller than me."

"You wish, Cay."

"Mom can beat Dad."

"You're aren't Mom though."

I just rolled my eyes and walked over to the knives. The few students who were training there all stepped aside. All, but one. The big, bad Joesph . He thinks I'm no competition to him. Yet, I have have beat him multiply times in fights. He is this year's male volunteer. In a way he reminds me of my brother. Tall, cocky, just not as good as Caden. He is horrible at knife throwing.

"Move pheasant, the princess is here." I say snidely and move him aside.

"What do you think you're doing? Trying to invade my space? Listen you little bitch-" Joesph starts.

"Joesph, you call her another name and I'll kick your ass. Move." Caden interrupts. When you have a family of victors to back you up, life is good.

He rolls his eyes and moves aside. I hear him chuckle as I throw. I turn around and throw one past his head. He doesn't look at me the rest of the night. And that's how it normally is. I'm the princess(my mom is the queen, she is feared more than me). No one dares to challenge me. I may only be 5 feet tall and 14 years old, but somehow I scare even the toughest people here.

After the place clears out, Caden cracks his knuckles."Come on, little girl."

I shake my head at him. As I approach the ring, I throw a knife at him. He throws one of his own back. I get in the ring and stare at him. I go to kick him and he blocks it, grabbing my leg and pushing it back, slamming me onto the mats.

He puts a knife to my throat,"You lost."

"Caden, how many times have I told you not to kill your sister?" My dd laughed."Let's go home."

We both nod and quickly grab our stuff. My dad is Cato Hawks. He won the 74th and 75th Hunger Games with my mom, Clove Springs.  I most resemble my mom. Long, dark hair and green eyes that of  often look red. I'm short like her too. Plus, my knife throwing skills is just as good.

We walk to Victor's Village, which isn't to far from the Training Center. I live with my Mom and Dad, next door to my brother,Caden, and his wife, Lily. I love my life. My parents are mentors and trainers. They allow me to do whatever I want and give me whatever I want. I'm not spoiled though. 

When I get home, I walk in and see my mom in the kitchen. My mom doesn't cook or clean. I ask her,"Are you cooking?"

"Ha! No." She smiles.

"Then why are you in there?"

"Getting water."

I laugh and sit down on the couch next to my dad. We watch the Capitol news as Ellnna, our house sitter and my previous nanny, walked in.  I had been cut by a knife in training earlier and my parents and brother seemed to not even notice it. Ellnna did and panicked over it, giving me medicine and bandages. My parents rolled their eyes in disgust.  I slapped away her care as I didn't want to seem weak to my parents. They were so strong and they wanted me to be the same.

"What's the theme again this year?" I ask, casually wiping blood from my face.

"Two games, one all girls, one all boys. The winners will fight each other." My mom answers.

"This sounds like my year to win." I smile. 

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