Best Friends

Justin and Monique are best friends but that all changes when a new guy arrives from moniques past, Justin gets jealous and all that changes. Will they go back to being friends?


1. First Day of School

Justin's P.O.V.

     It's the first day of school and I'm so not excited to get back to school. I hate the drama, the teachers and most of all getting up in the mornings. The only highlight to going to school is my best friend, Monique. She makes everything better for me. I'm in love with her, and this school year, I'm making it my plan to make her my girlfriend. I was going to do it over the summer but her and her family went on vacation. So I haven't seen her in forever.

Moniques P.O.V.

     I'm so happy and excited that school is here! I love school! I mean, I hate the work and teachers but I love talking to my friends, that I didn't get to talk to while I was on my vacation. The person that I'm most excited to see is my best friend, Justin. Justin is... I can't even explain it. I'm in love with him, but I dont think he likes me like I left him so I just keep it quite. I see Justin and we decide to do one of those movie moments when the girl and boy run to each other. We run and hug each other, then Justin pulls out some flowers from his backpack and gives them to me. ''I love you. '' he says. ''Umm, love you too, friend.'' I said making it awkward. Me and Justin walk to are first period together.

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