Avengers: The kids

We all know the Avengers, but they now have kids. What problems or surprises will these kids have to face because of the wrath and hate of their parents relationship with each other


8. Autumn Romanoff

I ran until I reached the crowd of people. The street was cracked and I saw a little steam of blood trickle into the cracks. I pushed through the crowd until I reached a girl about my age, the girl I accidentally bumped into. She was bleeding like crazy and I heard the sirens but they were not fast enough. She was laying there, bleeding like crazy and the ambulance was taking their time. I reached for my phone and dialed 9-1-1. It rang and rang until a woman answer

"Hello this is New York police, how may I help you?"

"Uhh, this girl was hit with a hammer and now she is laying on the street bleeding and bleeding."

"Yes, we know, we already sent help."

"Well SEND THEM FASTER!" I yelled into the phone and I hung up. That's when I saw a big green man crawl up some buildings. Hmmm, wonder what the hulk is doing.

I watched him smash through as window and crawl in.

"Wait isn't that the hospital?" I whisper. A loud scream emerged from the room and hulk came out holding a body, and it wasn't moving. 

The ambulance drives past me, with the girl.

"BRUCE!" I scream. I took off running. I zigzagged through the crowd that was coming for the girl who was bleeding who was no longer there.

I ran down the street as fast as I could, but it wasn't fast enough. Bruce smashed through another and a scream came from that one. I pulled my phone out from my pocket and quickly dialed Bruce. I could slightly hear the ringing but he ignored it. I hung up and dialed my mom. "Hello?" she answered. "Mom! BRUCE CRAWLED UP THE HOSPITAL, SMASHED THROUGH WINDOWS, HAS A MOST LIKELY DEAD BODY IN HIS HAND AND HE WON'T PICK UP THE PHONE!" I scream. "Got it." she hung up. Just as I shoved my phone back into my pocket. My mom zooms past me and does some killer parkour up the buildings. Glad to know my mother is handling it. I stopped in front of Willy's Convenience Store to catch a breath. That's when I heard Willy talking to Mrs.Patti. 

"She is safely in a hospital bed." Mrs Patti said as she fiddled with Willy's cucumbers and apples.

"Is she awake though?" Willy questioned, slapping her hand.

"No, still not awake, and nobody knows if she ever will."

"Oh she will." I mutter under my breath. I sat down on the bench. She has to wake up right? I mean if she doesn't it is all on Thor, he would technically go to jail for murder. 

I watched the cars drive by and Iron man and his daughter fly by.. wait, what?

Iron Man was zooming through the sky as his daughter, slowly, followed him, and even being far away, I could still hear their conversation.

"MY SUIT WON'T GO FASTER DAD!" she screamed

"Pull the trigger, the blue one!" he yelled back

"Which blue one?" she yelled back


"Got it!" she yelled back

She zoomed right past him.

"ALYSSA!" he screamed as he zoomed out of my view.

"Alyssa Stark? Isn't she friends with that girl who is in the hospital." I mumble

I should go and check on her. I stand up and I stroll down the street. 

"AHHHH!' a loud scream comes from the Hospital. Bruce was at it again. Where was my mom?

I pulled my phone out again and dialed Bruce.

It rang and rang and rang

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