Avengers: The kids

We all know the Avengers, but they now have kids. What problems or surprises will these kids have to face because of the wrath and hate of their parents relationship with each other


5. Autumn Romanoff.

 I lay on the bed. The soft cushions are nice against my sore back. Today was so scary ( flashback in italics) Mom likes to work alone, but today, I wanted  to show off my amazing skills. She brought me to a abandon building, just off the boarder. Just one step in, thats all it toke for the guards to attack and pulls us upstairs. "Well look at this, Romanoff and looks like she kid." A Russian man walked out of the shadows. My mom looked relax. She started to talk in some Russian. We had a long conversation about Russian rights (whatever that is) before the phone rang. "Hello." The man said in a rough accent. "No you may not speak to her." He shouted. "I have rights." She said. That was her famous line. She said this once before, during a interrogation. Before Loki tried to destroy the world. "Hello, this is agent Romanoff." She said.Her smile changed quickly. She started to mumble. Before I knew it as the man approached her... BAM!!! The man was on the floor. She flung around the room whacking people in the face. She ran over to me after everyone was on the floor. She untied me and dragged me out of the building. She dashed up the street. 3 bodyguards came after us. I looked behind me for a while and didn't notice the girl until I hit her in the shoulder. I screamed sorry but she didn't hear. The men caught up to us and I karate chopped one in the face and kicked on in the groin, he cursed in Russian. My mom and me high fived each other. We walked off down Mondi street. I was about to ask her who called when a man swinging a hammer around lands in front of us. It creates a big boom and he hurls his hamme above our heads. A scream and a crack didn't sound good. I turned and dashed toward the direction of the scream

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