Avengers: The kids

We all know the Avengers, but they now have kids. What problems or surprises will these kids have to face because of the wrath and hate of their parents relationship with each other


7. Alyssa Stark

I heard a giant thud. The thud shook the whole building. "What was that?" I yell to my dad. "I don't know!" he stumbles to the window. I followed him.I didn't see much, but the street as cracked like a asteroid smashed into it. " What happened? Did a asteroid smash into the street?" My dad gave me a concerned look " Worse!" he said.He turned around and ran straight into the elevator. I looked back down.

Everyone was running around screaming.I saw my dad appear in the crowd, a crowd that was circling something down there. I decided I was going to find out. I ran into the elevator. I hit the round button that said: *G. It took several minutes of terrible elevator music to get to the ground. I run out of the elevator and into the street. The crowd grew thicker. Parents were crying and little kids danced around the crowd, well expect one little boy who sat on the ground crying. I pushed through the crowd. There on the ground was a girl, her head looked smashed in, with a giant hammer. I am guessing it was Thor's hammer and in which that girl would never live. I look around for Thor but nobody was coming. As the crowd grew thicker and thicker, I was pushed out. I hear about 5 police cars and ambulances. " Alyssa! Are you ok?" my dad asks as he runs to me. " Yeah, why wouldn't I be, the girl is the one who isn't."He gave me this very concerned look. " Alyssa, do you know who that girl is?" "Well duh I don't know, and if I did, I probably would be hysterically crying somewhere." I said to my dad. But right before he could say anything, Steve ran down the street screaming a name. " ABBY!!!!!" " ABBY!!"

and thats when it hit me. I look to my dad and he nods. Thats all I remember before waking up on a basement floor screaming my head off." ABBBBBBYY!" I screamed. I wasn't even controlling my voice.I was just screaming and screaming. I looked around and saw shelves full of food. I was in the abandoned grocery store. I saw the basement window, broken in pieces and a bat laying on the floor. I kept screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming and then my voice went blank. I couldn't talk.Nothing came out. I crawled to the window and piled some old boxes. I stumbled to my feet and climbed the boxes back out the window. I slowly crawled around. I was still weeping. I couldn't lift my head up. " You ok?" a voice said. It was sweet , like a little girl. I turn my head to see a little girl maybe 6. " Yes, I'm fine." I choke out. " I don't think so, you were screaming bloody murder"

"I know, my fr fr friend iiss d d dead." I start to cry again. She kneels next to me and I feel her hand pat my back. " Shhh, they will hear you." I stop crying and look at her. " Who will?" She gives me a concerned look.She was about to speak, when someone came out of the shadows.That was probably the first time I ran so fast. I ran and I ran, not knowing where I was going. Hoping I would reach my father or shield. I ran away from that shadow. That man.

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