Avengers: The kids

We all know the Avengers, but they now have kids. What problems or surprises will these kids have to face because of the wrath and hate of their parents relationship with each other


3. Alyssa Stark

I feel gulity. The house was smashed and the fake blood was plastered right when I was laying. I knew Abby would be here in seconds. My mom had a fake gun shot in her arm. I wonder what was taking here so long. Right as I thought that she burst through the door. "Alyssa!!!" She screamed. Right when I thought she figured herself out the opposite happened. I fake moaned and she slapped me. Square in the face. "Why the h*ll did you not tell me your dad was Iron Man!!" My eyes move to my mom whos expression was as surprised as mine was. I attempted to act stupid and didn't know what she was saying but Abbys face was glaring at me. "Well Alyssa Stark should have given it off." But right when I thought she was going to smack me. Her dad came down the stairs with my dad both in uniform. She stold up as he stared at her. Eye in eye. She gave me a glare and stormed out. Captain America ran out after her. "Steve!!" My dad called. 

"What the h*ll just happened?" He asked. I shrugged. 

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