Avengers: The kids

We all know the Avengers, but they now have kids. What problems or surprises will these kids have to face because of the wrath and hate of their parents relationship with each other


9. Abby Rogers

He smashed through the table and walked toward me. "Bruce! Calm Down!" I yell but he ignored my request.

He dropped the body he was holding, the boy started to move his fingers, so he was still alive

I quickly cover my head waiting for impact.


I slowly lift my head up. A light was shining through his pocket.

"Uhh, you gonna get that?" I ask.  He grunted and shoved his hand into his small pocket. 

He smashed his finger into the phone and put it to his ear. 


"Back away from the person Bruce."




"I will get Director Fury."


"Back away. NOW!"

".....BEEP. The caller hung up, please try calling them again."

Bruce started to change back to human. His green skin started to turn back to his pale white.

I kept my head low, just in case. 

Once he made it back to human form he stood there, with a sad expression on his face.

"I am so sorry." he mouthed. I could hear the police sirens in the background and so did he.

I saw his face drop.

"You know, there is a door down the hall if you turn right and then left, you can escape from there." I smile

He smiled back and ran out the door.


I knew I should have not done that but all Avenger's stick together, kids or adults.

I heard people muttering outside, probably about the broken windows and well, mostly about this whole day.

I heard shuffling from down the hallway. The SWAT team ran down the hallway, 6 went straight, 3 to the left and 3 turned into my room.

The leading man held his shield in front of his face, without hesitation. 

"Ma'am are you ok?"

I nodded my head quickly

"But what about the boy?" I point to the boy laying there, barely moving his fingers.

"Oh my g---" the man in the back whispered. 

"Is that him?" the other man whispered.

"Both of you SHUT UP!" the leader yelled.

"But sir, thats Devin." the man whispered.

Man do they need to whisper, more like a whisper.

The leader pulled his walkie talkie to his shirt.

"I need back-up here right away, we found why the Banner attacked the hospital, and you aren't going to believe it, and when I said back-up, I meant the whole crew, NOW"

I heard loud, marching footsteps coming down each side of the hallway.


Execute the innocent boy? 

"You can't do that! What did he ever do?" I yell

But the four men help me up and drag me toward the door.

"YOU CAN'T KILL A INNOCENT PERSON!!!" I scream as they pull me out.

I watched as the leader raised his gun, ready to shoot, and door closed before the shot.

They dragged me in the waiting room

"Wait, this is the girl who got hit in the head with a hammer." said the first guy

"Yeah?" the man who dropped a blanket on me answered

"How did she live?" the first man replied

"Don't ask me Filligen" the man handed me a magazine

"But the better question is, where is the wound?" 

All 4 of the men turned their heads to me.

"What?" I ask

What do they mean?

I raised my hand to my head and rubbed it around.

"Oh my gosh, where is my wound I  GOT HIT IN THE HEAD BY THOR'S HAMMER AND I HAVE NO WOUND!"

I yell.

Everyone looked at me.

I hated being starred at so I moved my eyes to the corner of the hallway, where a boy, with green eyes, shown in the little light he was standing in.

He put his finger to his lips.

I nodded and looked away.

Wait... that was the boy my room, and he didn't die, but how did he escape? and a better question, who was he and why was he needed to be executed.

"You ok?" the first guy asked.

"Yeah.. I have to go to the bathroom." I mumbe. I jump up and walk to where the boy was, but he was gone

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