Avengers: The kids

We all know the Avengers, but they now have kids. What problems or surprises will these kids have to face because of the wrath and hate of their parents relationship with each other


6. Abby Rodgers

I don't remember anything else. Just the sound off screams and the feeling of the warm blood dripping down my face as I entered the hospital. I woke up with stitches and a really big headache. Alyssa sat next to my bed crying and begging me to forgive her and wake up. Well it worked because I turned y head to her. She freaked and called the nurse. I was stabbed with needles and patted on the back for surviving such a attack.After all the nurses left she hugged me. She told me it was a hammer that hit me in the head. She said my wounds would have been slightly better but Door or whoever owns the hammer was the only one who could pick it up and as it sat on my head crushing my skull, he kinda walked over. Not even the slightest bit of rushing. My father walks in just in time because Alyssa was going to talk about Door and I didn't really care for the man who could have killed me. My father walks around the bed and sits in the chair that Alyssa was in." Look, Abby, your not exactly normal." my father says nicely. I was going to ask why when 4 girls my age walked by my door and screamed. They rushed in asking for my father's autograph. Once they left my father blushed. He sat back down and continued." See I was injected with some ... drugs and that made me really strong and powerful, mostly because back then I was a twig. Anyway I fought in the war.I saved the world. That's why people call me Captain America. Now that was a long time ago. I crashed a plane and my body was frozen in ice. People found me and I somehow woke up. This is why I am still clueless on the iPhone, texting thing. After that, I met your mother, Annie, after I saved the world once again, with Alyssa's dad, Natasha Romanoff, Clint, and the hulk. You have some of my powers, which makes you.." he stops. " A freak with a fairy tale dad and untold past of who knows what else. If you wanted to lie to me you could have said, new york was blown up or you lifted China back up from the sea." I snap back. He gives me a concerned look and stands up. I could tell he was kinda sad at me for calling him a liar. " I can make Thor sorry for what he did to you!" he says as he gathers his bag.

My confused face must have been noticeable because he answered with a answer.

" Thor is a god from Asgard.Nobody can pick up his hammer, but himself." he walks out.

I thought maybe when he left everything could be normal. Well until a giant man , with green skin, smashed through the window and roared. It would have been kinda fine if he wasn't holding a body of a bloody, little boy. maybe 8 years old at least. The only thing I did was scream. Thats when he dropped the body and went after me!

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