Looking Thru Glass


Love is found in weird ways, but what happens when it's captured through a camera?

Twilla's new job instantly hits off with fun. Why wouldn't it? It's with One Direction. Twilla finds she is able to be herself around all them easily. The boys? They find her to be an amazing girl that knows how to relax while still getting the job done as their photographer.

What will happen when feelings start to grow... One of the boys and Twilla find their selves to be with each more and more til they both fall in love with each other. Which boy will it be though? Will drama occur with this love story? or will it be a happily ever after fantasy?


3. Weird but Fun

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Are you kidding me?" I yelled at the smoke detector. "I threw away the bacon! There is no more smoke- get over yourself.”

I continued to flap around a towel to stop the annoying beeping. The air has been clean of smoke for numerous minutes already. There is no reason for the nagging to continue!

What did I do this time? Well, like everyone else, I was trying to cook a nice breakfast. It was going fine until I went to check my Tumblr. The dang website made my food burn. Now, I have to listen to the numerous beeping sounds. They won't go away!

Why don't I take out the batteries? Would you just shut your lips? Hmm? I'm the height of 5'3", and even with a chair, I'm still too short to get the alarm.

With a sigh and the beeping still going, I quit trying. I grabbed my bag, phone, and keys. Once my shoes were on, I left my flat. Even with the door closed you could hear the noise.

"Burnt breakfast?" I snapped my head up to see my neighbor. I felt bad that she had to always deal with the noises from my flat.

"It seems all I'm good for is making cereal.

The old lady chuckled. "You'll have to find yourself a man with talents of food. Shouldn't be hard."

I blushed and gave her a small nod. I got into my black SUV while deciding on where I would go for breakfast. Looking down at my phone, I realized it was close to noon.

"Well, I guess I'm skipping breakfast." I mumbled to myself. I chose a small cafe sandwiches and soup. They also had the best hot cocoa.

The traffic for a summer afternoon was at a minimal. Most people had work. It's pretty cool to not have to work everyday. You get more freedom to do things. I guess I feel bad for the boys having to work a lot.

Once the traffic light turned green, I put my foot on the gas pedal. The cafe that I was going to eat at wasn't too far.

"Welcome to DeDe's Cafe, what can I get for ya?" A teenage boy asked. "Oh, hey, Twilla. I didn't notice it was you. The usual?" I felt for not knowing the kid's name. Oh well.

I laughed. "It's alright, and yeah, the usual."

You can say I come here a lot. Whenever I would burn my food, this is the cafe I would turn to. The boy typed in my order while I took my seat.

Turning in my iPhone, I clicked on the Twitter app. Once again, I had many notifications popping up. I decided that I needed to change my settings so that my phone would only go off for a few people of my choice.

"Here you go." The waiter snapped my attention. "One ham and cheese on flat bread with a hot cocoa."

I interrupted him, "An extra squirt of chocolate?"

A smile spread on his face. "As always."

"Thank," I said beforehand he left.

While going through all the social medias, on my phone, I ate my lunch. The cocoa slipped down my throat easily, and the chocolate lay taste made crave more once I finished. I left a tip and walked out.

Because I didn't have anything planned until the photo shoot later tonight, I thought about getting some grocery shopping. Of course I would only buy foods that are able to be either be eaten without being cooked, or can be out in the microwave for more than three minutes. My food usually at home was raw fruit and veggies, crackers, cereal, and popcorn. Not that anyone really cares.

After driving for ten minutes, I got to a supermarket. I grabbed a trolley and pushed it across the linoleum floor. First, I went over to the produce section. It was closest to me.

"Oh, orange, how thou is my diet," I sang. I love oranges.

I grabbed a bag to put six oranges in. The fruit was set in the cart, and I continued to the grapes.

"Now, don't feel bad grapes. Twilla secretly loves you more than the oranges!' I couldn't help but giggle at myself. There were times like these that proved I needed to get out of the house more. Nah, that means no Tumblr.

Thinking that's its best to stop talking to my fruit, I continued to walk around the store. My eyes bulged when I found a tub of peanut butter. It's not common in Europe, but I heard in America. Boy, how I wished I lived in America. Peanut butter would be at the tip if my finger.

"You are definitely more loved than my fruit," I dreamily commented.

I waited in the check out line. It seems everyone wanted to check out when I wanted to. My turn finally came, and I paid for the purchased items. Since everything was put into two bags, I left the trolley by the others.

There were a few people standing outside with cameras in their hands. I frowned, trying to figure out what they were doing. Once I stepped out, the flashes started. I was being bombarded with questions and flashes.

"Excuse me," I said politely to the people. "Excuse me!" This time it wasn't so nice.

One of them asked, "Is it true that you're one night stands?

I whipped around. "What?"

"So," the guy smirked, "you're not denying it?"

"I heard she got pregnant and had to talk to management about abortion."

I've only known the famous pop stars for a day. Why would anyone think these things? This is ridiculous.

I walked to my SUV; I got in. The paps continued to stand around my car so I slowly backed up.


The beeping was gone when I got back home. I put my groceries in the correct places. Once I was done, I plugged my iPhone into my doc and started getting ready for tonight. The boys said we would most likely end up going out to eat after work. Louis told me to dress casual. What's my casual you ask?

A pair of ripped dark jeans, a sheer, sleeveless shirt with a floral bondo. The bondo could be seen under the cream shirt. I paired the outfit with a pair of black pumps.

I had thirty minutes until I had to leave for work. Enough time to apply a layer of mascara and go on the web a bit. With the last swipe of the make up want, I looked in the mirror to make sure everything was to its best.

I went on Twitter to see if I had any notifications and remembered the small paparazzi attack. I decided it was worth tweeting about.

GEESH- paps r crazy! Ridiculous things happened 2today. Guess I'm Prego- who knew?

I went through the major things on Twitter. Notifications, DMs, and Trends- nothing caught my attention. I was bored; I had nothing to do.

With a frown, I chose to leave and get a coffee before I went to work. I was just going to go through the drive-thru. What can I say? I'm a lazy person.

 I ordered a large, black coffee. What? I had a feeling that tonight, I am going to need this. If the boy band is a stressful as yesterday, I was going to have a lot of caffeine. It would be able to help the headaches that would most likely form.


“Oh good!” Yasmine squealed when I entered the room. She ran up to me and squeezed my body with a tight hug. My eyes widened.

I relaxed. “Hello, Yasmine.”

All of us (Yasmine, the boys, a couple people I don’t know, and I) were in a room that was probably able to fit two hundred people. Most of the walls were white and so was the ceiling. The floor on the other hand, had a colorful pattern. There were different things in each part of the room. The boys changing area, a small “kitchen”, a sitting area, the photo shoot area, and others.

Everyone was doing something while I was just standing awkwardly, waiting for instructions from Yasmine. She just mumbled something quick before leaving me alone though. This meant I had nothing to do until told otherwise.

I talked to soon though. Yasmine came back with a woman that looked to be in her late twenties. Her face was sharp and angled perfectly. Her face screamed authority. She had stunning brown hair with a tint of red. You could only see it if the woman stood in the light correctly.  I liked it a lot unlike my dark red hair.

I smiled at the unknown person, and then looked at Yasmine, hoping she would tell me who was standing in front me.

“Twilla,” Yasmine started, “this is our boss, Melissa.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said. My hand stuck out. Melissa took my hand and gave it an extremely firm shake.

Yasmine and I’s boss spoke. “I will be the person you send your pictures to before they are able to go out in public. If I don’t approve of them, you do another photo shoot.”

Yasmine gave both of us a grin. “You don’t have to worry, Melissa. Twilla here is an amazing photographer. We won’t be needing to redo anything.”

I was amazed with my co-workers optimism. I haven’t the bright flare go down a bit since I got here. She seemed to be “the glass is half full” type of person.

Melissa nodded. “Great. You’ll be starting in twenty minutes or so. We are having some lighting issues.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” I said.

The two girls went their separate ways to do what they need. Me? I was standing awkwardly again. I really should find something to fiddle with.

I took out my phone and went on some social medias.

“Yeah! I’ve been watching you all night! There’s something in your eyes, that’s saying C’mon, C’mon and dance with me baby!”

I looked up from my phone and over to Louis and Harry singing in an area with nothing around them. They were doing one of their dances that I once saw too. Both of them seemed to be having a blast. Louis stopped after the chorus and went over to the food table- Harry continued.

I couldn’t help stare at Harry as he sang. He could really sing. The cheeky lad caught me gazing at him, and he threw a quick wink at me. I ended up blushing and looking away from him.

Nice job Twilla, I mentally scolded. Now he thinks you have a crush on him. Way to boost his ego.

“Twilla!” I turned around to see who was yelling my name. As soon as I turned around, an item of food was shoved in my face. I stood in shock while I heard laughter. Since I closed my eyes as a reaction, I opened my lids.

I fumed. “Louis!” I licked my lips, getting annoyed with the food on them. My eyes widened. “Was that a raspberry filled donut?” I asked Louis.

Louis, who was rolling on the floor, literally he was on the ground laughing about my reaction. He stopped acting childish for a moment. The boy got off the floor and walked over to me with a serious face. I wasn’t suspecting him to take his finger and licking it.

“I think its cherry,” Louis said.

“Doubt it. I’m pretty sure I know what raspberry filling taste like.” I crossed my arms and gave him a hard stare while sassing him.

“Hey,” Liam- the one I thought looked like a cute puppy- greeted me. “Ahh, you got donuted.” Liam too took his finger and licked it. “Mmm, raspberry.” With a smile he left.

I raised an eyebrow at Louis, who seemed a little peeved at the moment.  I know my fillings.

“Cherry, huh?” I asked.

Louis ignored me and left. The least he could do was assist me to a bathroom.

“That little twat!” I mumbled.

Every time I would walk past someone they would only laugh and go back to what they were doing. Is it really that common for someone to get a donut shoved in there face? I continued to walk around the big room, not finding a bathroom. I had asked a few people and they seemed to ignore me. Must be my face.

After I made a complete circle around, I stopped walking. They have everything in this room but no you can’t put a sink somewhere. I find it quite ridiculous.

“Need a washroom?” I jumped; I sighed when I saw the cheeky boy behind me with a smile.

“Harry, will you stop sneaking up on me?” I pleaded.

His smile grew. “Sorry, love. Maybe if your ears weren't so tiny, you would be able to hear my loud steps.”

“I’m sorry not all of us can grow to be, uh…” I paused realizing I didn’t know how tall he was. “How tall are you exactly?”

"Six foot, love.”

I mumble to myself. “I’ve been living in London since I was five, and I still don’t understand why all the guys say 'love'.” Harry chuckled at me again, and I blushed, realizing he heard what I said. I cleared my throat and asked, "Can you show me where I can get this," I pointed to my face, "off?"

"Harry and Twilla! You are supposed- what happened to you?" Melissa came over to both Harry and I. She had a irritated look on her face.

"Hello Melissa," Harry greeted my boss. "Lovely to see you again. It seems Twilla thought today we were supposed to dress up as clowns."

What? I looked over at Harry, who was smirking at Melissa. The thing is, Melissa wouldn't believe because she saw me earlier without the pastry on my face. So, it didn't bug me that Harry told her a childish lie. I found it quite funny. In fact, I ended up laughing at him.


"It's true," I played along. "Harry here told me to dress up as a clown; he told me it was circus day. I was the fool to believe him." I pretended to pout and be ashamed of my self.

Melissa was looking at both of us with a confused expression. "Whatever happened, it doesn't matter. Harry, take her to the washroom and help her wash her face."

"We could just eat it," I mumbled, earning a glare from Melissa and another chuckle from Harry.

"Just hurry up and get back here," Melissa ordered. She left us alone to go to the washroom.

Two dimples showed on opposite cheeks on Harry. "Eat it?" The tall takes one of his long fingers and swipes some of the food off me. Harry's eyes closed once his finger exited his mouth. "Mmm, raspberry."

I laughed. "Okay Clown Boy, let's get me washed up."




"Louis, stand there! We need one more nice photo of you," I complained. Louis smirked me and started shaking his butte. I flared my nostrils at him. "You asked for it Tomlinson."

I set down the expensive camera on a stand before going to grab some duct tape. The immature boy looked me and smirked.

"You'll never be able to catch me."

We've been trying to get decent photos out of Louis for the past twenty minutes. I am usually a really patient girl, but this guy is just horrible! Everyone has told me that normally, it only takes them ten minutes for each guy. They think because Louis already sees me as good (so they say), that he doesn't mind goofing off with me.

I smirked back at him. "I was a star track runner for four year in uni, Louis. On top of that, I was put as starter for the football team as a forward." Louis shrugged his shoulders at me. "I won every race, Louis."

"I'll take that as a challenge," Louis said, still not moving from his spot.

"How about this, we make a deal."

Louis came closer to me, listening with interest now. "I'm listening."

"We run around this whole room," I told him. Remember, the room is huge. "If I get back here first, you have to cooperate with me for the whole rest of the photo shoot. What I say goes."

"If I win?" Louis crossed his arms and took another step towards me.

I rolled my eyes at him. "I don't know, whatever."

A smiled played at his lips. "You shouldn't of said that, love. You are going to be pissed when you do what I say."

I looked at him with a sculpted eyebrow risen. That could be anything. I don't usually get mad, but maybe Louis will be able to find a way to make me angry. Who knows?

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

"If I win, you are going clubbing with me and my mates tonight."

I laughed. "You act like I haven't been inside a club before."

"I'm not finished." Louis said. "While you are there, you have to drink whatever I hand to you."

Oh, when said pissed he didn't mean it in the form of me being upset. Louis meant I was going to get totally wasted. Great. I won't have to worry about losing though.

"You're so going to lose." I say to him. "We get five minutes to stretch. More for you than me- don't want you to hurt yourself." I pat Louis' shoulder and left him alone.

I get read by going to place where know one was by. Things like touching my toes, hamstring stretches, and others. I went running yesterday morning, so I should be in shape. I don't know how fast Louis was, and he is a bunch taller than me. He could easily use his legs to his advantage. That's if he knew how to.

"Ready?" Louis came up to me. He had an evil smirk on his face, and I wonder why.

"Ready to whip some booty!" I cheered and he laughed.

We got in our ready positions, taking stance. In front of us stood Niall with a towel, whipping it around like it was a flag. He pretended to be one of those slutty girls on the racing games.

"One your mark," Niall started. I let out a puff off air like I would have done before any race. "Get set." I put more weight on my back leg."GO!"

Both Louis and I sprung forward. I pushed harder when Louis stayed a good distance next to me. It wasn't too fast for me, but I could also tell Louis was testing me, seeing how I would use my energy. It wasn't something new to me, most racers did this.

We were half way around the room when I heard a yell from Melissa. She was angry at us, I could tell, probably wondering what the heck we were doing. I pushed harder, getting a great distance ahead of Louis.

I wasn't going to not give my all, so when I rounded the third corner, I put everything I had. Everything that was standing, was a blur. I laughed, having fun with the fact that I was going to beat Louis. When I got into view of the finish, I was confused.

Louis was already there. He was standing against a wall that used to adjust the lighting for the photo shoot. I slowed down before I got there. Not seeing the point in waisting any mroe energy when he was already there. How? I don't know.

All five of the boys were there, some laughing the others smirking. Louis cheated because he knew he wasn't going to win!

"You cheated!" I yelled at him.

Louis put his hand to his heart. "Me cheat? You can't be throwing words around, especially hurtful ones."

'I know for sure you weren't in front on me!" I yelled. Then it hit me. When I was too far a head, Louis must of cut threw the middle to get to the finish before me. It makes sense, I wouldn't  of been able to see him with all the distractions.

"Guess who's going clubbing tonight," Harry sang with a smile.

I grumbled. "You knew you weren't going to beat me."

"Excuse me, who was at the finish line first?" Louis sassed me.

"But, you cheated," I whined.

"I told Louis he wasn't going to win," Liam cut into our banter. I looked over to him and he continued. "I've seen you run before. I knew Louis had no chance."

I give him a look of confusion. "How would you have seen me race before?"

"We went to the same Uni. Everyone knew who you were; you were the best athlete the school had."

I looked at him with shock. I never knew Liam went to school with me. Did we have any classes? I hope we didn't, I would feel bad for not noticing him.

"Don't worry, we didn't have any classes together." Liam read my thoughts and I nodded at him.

"So, how are you with your booze?" Louis asked

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