Looking Thru Glass


Love is found in weird ways, but what happens when it's captured through a camera?

Twilla's new job instantly hits off with fun. Why wouldn't it? It's with One Direction. Twilla finds she is able to be herself around all them easily. The boys? They find her to be an amazing girl that knows how to relax while still getting the job done as their photographer.

What will happen when feelings start to grow... One of the boys and Twilla find their selves to be with each more and more til they both fall in love with each other. Which boy will it be though? Will drama occur with this love story? or will it be a happily ever after fantasy?


6. Two Away!

Stop flapping your wings, bird, I dare ya. 




Yeah, I'm talking to you, little yellow bird in my phone. If you don't keep dodging your death through tubes, you best end your life already.


"Twi, we need to go, Melissa is going to kill us if we don't leave."


You won't want to deal with me once I am done with you if you choose the easy route. You can be sure of it.  


I stopped threatening the bird from the game Flappy Bird and I just stared at the screen in shock. My thumb had no use of tapping anymore, the yellow bird had already reached its limits of flying though tubes. I saw the 'game over' written across my screen, confirming for sure that I had lost. The bird died. 


I whispered in disbelief, "I only had two more."


"What?" Yasmine asked. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. We need to go, now!


I continued to sit in the hard plastic chair, finding myself not able to move at all. I was two away from getting past my old score. Two tubes away from peeing myself from excitement and accomplishment. They didn't even give me a gold medal. 


The game is stupid, Flappy Bird, that is. You tap the screen to get a small bird across some dangerous tubes. All it was, was an app that got people frustrated until they decide to smash their phone. (I haven't smashed mine yet, but I've thrown it) 


"I only had two more." I repeated to my coworker while getting up from my chair. 


The girl gave me a strange look before nodding. "Yes, you had two more. Now, lets go!" 


I was being pushed out the door my Yasmine. She had to continue to push me until we got outside to the vehicle we had to get in. When we were by our transportation, I took matters into my own hands and say myself in the car. 


Just because I got in by myself, doesn't mean I wasn't pouting at this very moment about my lost in the game of Flappy Bird. I watched other cars zoom past us or us pass them as we made our way to the designated area.


I was only two away from getting past my high score. 


You are most likely thinking: "You will pass some other time, get over it." 


Well, let me tell you something Mr. Sassy Pants, my high score is 307. Now, do you really think I have the time or patience to do that? To keep trying to get a higher score? The only way I got it last time was by pressing the pause button, and since the update for the game, they took the pause button away.


Do you know what that means? NO MORE TAKING BREAKS WHILE PLAYING! 


“Melissa is going to kill us if we are late!" Yasmine squeaked.


I turned my head towards the frantic speaking girl. Yasmine was vigorously tapping her phone screen. Honestly, she had a right to be worried, Melissa is a scary woman. If something wasn't perfect, you would be sure Melissa would let you know. Not very nicely either. 


She let out a sigh, "We're here and with two minutes to spare." I didn't know where 'here' was until now. "Now, Twilla, the boys are right behind us. Once they all get out of the car, both of us will get out." 


"Okay..." I said slowly, still not sure what was going on. "Um, Yas, do you think you could explain what is going on?" I asked her. 


You were able to hear people screaming- where the noise came from was a slight mystery. A couple meters ahead there was a black walkway. Metal fences blocked fans at the beginning of the the ally we were going to walk down.Then, as you went farther down, the fences held paparazzi. After examining the area, I realized what we were actually doing here.


My eyes widened. "Are we are a carpeted even?" I squealed. 


Yasmine released a sigh. "We talked about this a week ago, Twilla." 


Yasmine didn't seem to pleased at my lack of listening skills. She was slouching in her seat now, seeming a little nervous. I bet she was worrying about me, wondering if I will be able to do this. In all honesty, I don't think anyone said anything to me. Usually I paid attention to these type of things. 


"I'm sorry Yas," I sincerely replied to her. "I will make it up to you! We can go out to the movies; I'll pay for everything." My boss, and now good friend, seemed intrigued by the offer. "Just tell me what I really need to know, and I will be out of your way." 


"Okay," Yasmine was back to her perky self and I let out a laugh at how easy she was able to snap to different feelings. "It's the Brit Award Ceremony or what ever," Yasmine rambled to me. "All you need to do is stand back and take pictures of the boys." 


"Wait," I scrunched up my face. "Isn't it the paps job to take pictures of them and spread them around the world?" 


She nodded. "Yeah, but we are going to take better ones and use them for posters, social networks, and what not. I don't really know; Melissa only tells me to go and she takes care of the rest." 


The screams increased, making both Yasmine and I to turn our heads. Niall was the first one to get out of the SUV before the rest of the boys exited. They were goofing off and shoving each other around. I knew I was supposed to get out of the car now, so that's what I did. 


I thought the screaming of the boys fandom was obnoxious in the car, but once the door of the vehicle opened, I wanted to hide in a corner. The One Direction boys didn't seem to mind it though, and weren't the only celebreties to not care. They were still ruff housing once I got out, so I quickly grasped my camera and took a clicked the button a few times. It would be the perfect action shot. 


"Just remember to stay back," Yasmine said into my ear. 


Both Yasmine and I went to where the boys were, though we stayed back a good distance so they could meet up with their fans. All the boys were looking down at them with adoration, but each in a different way. I made sure with each shot I took that it showed all of the guys in their own way.


After a while, we were pushed to keep moving. There the boys would take pictures for tabloids and have short interviews. They didn't seem to enjoy that as much, and they ended up mostly talking to the few people they did know.


Louis was the one complaining the most. Well, to me at least. Every two minutes he would have some sassy thing to say. I knew he was only anxious for the ceremony. My feet were aching from the heels I was wearing, making me eager for the awards. We would get to sit down then. 


"Lou, I swear, if you don't shush your mouth, I will put soap in it!" I glared at him. I held my camera in my hands, ready for any perfect moment to snap a picture. So, when Louis stuck his tongue out at me, I flashed the camera in his face. 


He rolled his eyes at me. "Sorry, Miss Prim and Proper, I didn't mean to talk poorly about the lot that seem to know how to make my life a living wreck." 


I put my hand on my leather hip (caused from the high-waisted skirt I was wearing) and gave a look saying "seriously". If there was one thing I knew about Lou from the short time we spent time together, it was that he hated the paparazzi. No, not all of them. He didn't seem to mind the ones that were polite to him, but the ones that would get up in his face bugged him a bunch. They were usually the ones that put bad things out about him and his girlfriend too. I knew that hurt him.


I let out a settled with an option. "How about this, you do three more photos with the boys, and you can hang out with the most amazing person." 


"It's not much fun hanging out by myself." I glared at the sassy boy standing in front of me. Louis started chuckling, but I didn't give in- I kept my eyes on him and made sure he knew he wasn't winning. 




I snapped out of my glare, realizing I forgot to tell Louis the terrible news. "Louis!" I started to his arm, making sure his attention was on me. 


"What do yo want woman?" He groaned, holding my hands so I wasn't able to get at his arm anymore. 


"Guess what happened!" 


"Enlighten me." He rolled his eyes at me. Blankly, I stared at him. This was serious, what I was going to tell him, and here he is being sassy. "Sorry, sorry. Dear oh, dear Twilla, how did I get such the honors of you whacking at my arm?" 


"Lou, this is serious!" I whined. It was very unattractive. "I was playing Flappy Birds and guess what score I got before we arrived here."


Louis joked, knowing I was obsessed with the game. "Two." I punch his arm. "Ow! Stop hitting me." 


"No." I ignored his command. "I got the very frustrating score of 305." 


Just saying the score I got sent chills through me. It reminded me of almost beating the high score before the brakes were pressed, ending my game. Louis let out a loud laugh, knowing what the bird had to each in order to please me, and thought it was funny. But, it wasn't. 


"You only needed two more, Twi!" 


"I know!" I cried out. "Go get with the boys, we are about to go in for the ceremony, and I don't nearly have enough pictures of you guys together."


Louis ran off and collected the boys so I could take some more photos. Everyone was with him, except for Harry. He was talking to one of the interviewers. I held the camera to my face, taking a picture. It captured every detail of his face. The rich green eyes sparkled a bit from the lighting, his strong jaw line was angled perfect, and his bottom lip was captured between his teeth. The camera didn't seem to do him justice when I glanced back up at him. 


He is definitely breathtaking.




We were just entering the building where we would be able to find out the winners. I was really hoping the boys would win one. That would be amazing, and they are good. 




I jumped a bit, causing me to almost drop my camera because my heels caught me off balance. Quickly, I turned to see Harry standing behind me with a smirk on his face. Well, I am happy he is pleased with scaring me. I let out a shaky breath and continued to walk with Harry to the side of me. 


"You scared the living jeepers out of me!" I scolded him. 


He turned his head towards me after greeting someone. "Living jeepers?"


I shrugged my shoulders. "I guess it's an American term and didn't I tell you to not scare me?" 


He nodded with a smile. "How are you liking the job?"


I blushed. I haven't talked much to Harry, so when ever he would make simple small chat with me, I always seemed to get flustered. It was normal for me; I did this around most attractive guys. 




Yes! He's attractive- everyone knows that. It's not a secret that I will hide from you. That doesn't mean I like him! So, you can stop shipping me and him. I mean yeah, that would be amazing, but just stop. 


"Um, there's no dull moments, that's for sure," I admitted to Harry. "I mean I just shook Olly Murs hand and chatted with the Arctic Monkeys." 


Harry smiled at me. "That's good." We were walking through a bunch of people, trying to find out table we were sitting at. "I'm bored." Harry all of the sudden started to whine. 


I ended up gaping at him. "Not you too!" 


Harry's nostrils flared out as he pouted to me. "I guess I am just too excited for the awards that the time is going too slow." I nodded. "We have a good hour before we see the first performance." 


"Well, I guess we could talk for a bit... at the table," I smiled sheepishly at him. "My heels are killing me." 


Just like when Harry led me through the paps when clubbing, he grabbed my hand and I couldn't help but feel the tingling in my fingers. There was no hiding that my face was red from the simple act. Harry took both of us to the in the middle. 


It was a nice gesture that he walked me over. I sat down in my chair, releasing a sigh as the pressure in my fee disappeared. When the chair next to me scraped across the floor, I looked up and was surprised to see Harry sitting down by me. 


"You should really go chat with others," I encouraged. He didn't seem to change his opinion on sitting down by me, so I tried a new approach. "This is an amazing thing that has happened to you! Go out and enjoy it."


It wasn't that I didn't want Harry's company, I really quite enjoyed the cheeky fellow. But, I didn't want him to regret not doing things that he could of down if he didn't sit down with me. Being at the Brits was an honor to the boys. They should get the full experience of everything.  


Harry grinned at me. "I'm fine here. It's not all that, talking with other celebrities."


 I smiled at him before taking off my shoes and set them neatly besides the chair. They were out of the way so no one would trip on them. I love the heals, but goodness, couldn't someone think of a better way to make them comfortable? Well, in order to think of a better way, they have to be comfortable in the first place. 


I looked down at my shoes with a soft glare. "So, so cute, but so, so painful." 


"Here," Harry snapped me out of little bubble. 


I rose an eyebrow. "Hmm?"


He gave me a goofy smile. "Put your feet up here." Harry patted his thighs. 


I widened my eyes at him and looked around at the formal event. Everyone was with their best behavior and I don't think a foot massage would be appropriate at the time. But, of course Harry would be the person to offer it up.


I chuckled. "I would take up the offer if we weren't here and if I wasn't with Creepy Pop Up Boy." 


"What?" I explained how he would always pop up on me, giving him the name Creepy Pop Up Boy. It seemed to click in him because he was smirking at me. "Boy?" He asked and I nodded. "Well, I think I deserve to be called a man."


I scoffed. "Maybe later." 


"Seriously though, everyone here is a normal person." 


"Right," I chuckled. "I'm pretty sure I was there when you were getting swarmed by cameras and girls." 


"As Niall puts it, which I couldn't say in any better way: we are normal lads; we just have jobs that are not." Harry's words swirled through my thoughts. What Niall said is probably the most true thing I've hear in a while. Everyone can see that the boys of One Direction are definitely guys that you could find anywhere. 


I looked both ways around the chatter filled space. No one was paying attention towards the curly head and I, so I placed my small gently on Harry's thighs. A small smile slipped on his face. I was suprised to find that Harry's hands were almost the length as my feet. Damn. 


A slight blush was featured on my face when he started to gently rub the ache away from my feet. None off said anything for a bit, I was too caught up on the way Harry's fingers relaxed me. In a daze, I looked around to see if I could find anyone else I knew. A bunch of people looked familiar, but only a few I could put a name too.


"Let's play a game," Harry grinned. "We can play twenty questions." 


Trust me when I said I tried, but I couldn't help it. You know those laughs that sound more like you are choking on food instead of you finding something funny? Yeah, I was cackling like that. 


"Are we fifteen again?" I was barely able to ask him. Harry pouted at me, and it only made me laugh more. "Fine, fine. But-" 


"There's always a but." I blinked at him. "Sorry, continue." 


"But, no serious questions. No deby downers here." I finished.


He nodded. "I'll start. What one food do you wish you could burn, making it disappear forever?" 


I didn't hesitate. "Mushrooms." I started to glare off into the distance, thinking about the horrid food I was always made to eat. "Did you know they lay in poop while growing." He chuckled a bit. "Okay, um, have you ever or do you still play Twister?" 


Harry looked at me strange. "What kind of question is that?"


"Excuse me, it's not your turn!" I playfully yelled. "And it's the most sane question I could think of at the moment." 


"I played a few times when I was younger," Harry answered me. "I was never any good at it."


"Huh, I guess Louis was right." I concluded. "I'm the only one that still plays it." Harry raised a questioning eyebrow. "Once a month, my brother and I go over to our mum's house and just hang. We have to at least play two or three games of Twister. You'd be surprised that a 50 year old can play that game so well." 


Harry admiredly said, "That's incredible."


I looked down at my lap and back into his green eyes. "I guess." I cleared my throat. "Your turn." 


"Favorite color?" 


"Hmm, grunge." Another questioning look. "Come on Styles! Like blacks, grey, dark red, cameo green. I don't really have a favorite color; I have favorite themes, and right now it's grunge. On Monday it will be pale colors." I shrugged. 


He nodded at me. "That makes sense actually. Unreal but understandable." 

"My turn!" I giggled when I thought of the best question. "What's your favorite mouse?" 


A smirk played on his lips. "Mickey. Forever and always." Harry had stopped massaging my feet, and I was I was going to remove my feet from him. He had a different idea though; Harry placed his hands on my ankles, making them not slide off his lap.


Another blush swept through me and I wanted to mentally whack myself. People are going to start thinking I put on too much make up the way I was going tonight. 


"Correct," I told him. "Mine too, by the way. Now, your turn." 


"What's you favorite animal?"


I laughed. "C'mon Harry, I know you can think of harder questions," I teased which made him stick his tongue out. "I've always liked horses. They're a beautiful animal." 


"They are." He agreed with me. "How about an easy question for me, love?" 


More people were getting in their seats. The awards were most likely going to be anounced soon, but first we would be able to watch a few performances before. I guess everyone wanted to watch. 


"What's your favorite food?" I simply asked him, listening for his answer. 


"Melon," He simply answered. I wrinkled up my nose at him, making him let out a laugh. "What now?" 


I shrugged. "Nothing, it's just that out of all the foods there is you choose a simple fruit. One that I don't particullary care for, might I add." 


"Not everything has to be complex, love." A chuckle slipped through his mouth, causing me to stick my tongue out a him this time. "Don't like being teased?" 


"Just shoot a question." 


Harry leaned his head back, staring at the ceiling while thinking of a question for me to answer. It took a bit, but it didn't bother me because his question was unique and thoughtful. The question made me think. 


"What's the cleverest word you can think of?" He asked me. 


I let out a puff of air. Harry seemed pleased that I was stumped and didn't have an answer right away. 


"Umm, raunchy, uh no! Give me a minute." I muttered, still thinking of a word. Mounds of words raced through my mind while I tried to find the perfect one. "I think either bellwether or saxicolous." 


"What the hell do those mean?" 


I smirked at him. "Bellwether: a leader, trendsetter, first in their class, ahead of the rest- I think you get it?" I asked him; Harry nodded. "Saxicolous literally means one who lives under a rock." I laughed just thinking of the word. 


Harry laughed. "They have a word for that?" 


"Of course!" I continued to laugh and saw Louis. "Louis seems very saxicolous." 




"And number one single goes to!" 


The tension at our table was high. Everyone was leaning in their chairs, hoping their favorite would win. For some reason, I had a feeling that the boys were going to win this one. All their fans were working so hard to make sure that everyone knew that One Direction was a nominee for the award, and they wanted you to vote for them. There is no doubt the boys fandom is fierce. 


The announcer looked down at his card and opened it. He had a small smile on his face before lifting the mike to his face. 






Everyone at our table jumped up yelling with happiness. I hugged Yasmine first before turning to each one of the boys. Niall as the most vicious huger out of them. Yasmine and I continued to squeal with the rest of the boys fans as they started to walk up to the stage. 


They started to say there thank yous to everyone and how much they appreciated it. The fans eventually died down through the speech, but as soon as the boys had to leave, they started the screaming again. 

Oh goodness, was tonight a blast!


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