Looking Thru Glass


Love is found in weird ways, but what happens when it's captured through a camera?

Twilla's new job instantly hits off with fun. Why wouldn't it? It's with One Direction. Twilla finds she is able to be herself around all them easily. The boys? They find her to be an amazing girl that knows how to relax while still getting the job done as their photographer.

What will happen when feelings start to grow... One of the boys and Twilla find their selves to be with each more and more til they both fall in love with each other. Which boy will it be though? Will drama occur with this love story? or will it be a happily ever after fantasy?


1. Prolouge

The energy surging through my veins was an awaking. It was something I haven't felt before. My bones danced with excitement. My toes ached for me to move faster, and the hair on my head whooshed through the air as I did so. Loud calls from the authority were the only thing that kept me from stopping. 

On one hand I was afraid. Afraid I was going to be caught. This side was telling me to run faster, to keep going. It was the choice that seemed best fit. They were never going to believe me if I tried to rationalize with them.

The other half of me is telling me to stop, I am going to get in more trouble if I get caught. That running away from the yelling officers is a horrible idea. I should have just let them take me.

"Stop!" One of the elder men behind me yelled. They were getting closer.

I ran down the busy sidewalk pushing people out of the way. Most of them would end up shouting things at me. Things such as: "what the hell" or "watch it". I took a left, getting away from the citizens and ending up close to a small neighborhood. I needed to at least get over there.

The footsteps were becoming closer to me; I pushed harder. Two or three minutes later, I was in the area with two story houses, and I could feel my chest start to get heavy. 

This wasn't good.

I looked back to see that the officers were slacking a bit. I knew if I was going to get away from them, I couldn't keep running in straight lines. Deciding on that I was going to zigzag through people's yards, I turned a sharp corner.

After jumping over some fences, I noticed I couldn't hear anymore calls. It was a good timing because I instantly fell over once I got over a metal barrier. My breathing was in short breaths, and now I was actually hoping someone would find me. Even if it was the police. The pain in my chest from not being able to breathe was becoming unbearable. It hurt.

The gasps become faster. I needed my inhaler, and it was only in my pocket. All I needed to do was reach for it. I tried, moving my hand over to my thigh. It seemed that time was slowing down.

Thoughts of death entered my mind when I couldn't grab the medication with the little strength I had. I clenched the cold grass then released it. I repeated the pattern, hoping that it calm me down.

"Come out from hiding!" Instead of panic, I had hope coursing through me. Now, there might be a slight chance of making it.

The Asthma Attack continued; even as I tried to calm my body down. The lungs in me were closed up now, and my vision started to get foggy. The bright sky above me was turning quickly from blue to grey. The footfalls were louder, but I didn't look to see where they were coming from. 

I didn't know what to do any more. I didn't know if the police would help me if they did find me.

"Over here! She's down," This time it seemed like a younger male was calling out to everyone. The rattle of the fence was heard, but it didn't matter anymore. I was still making short gasps, and at this point of the attack, I am pretty sure my eyes were glazed over. "Dammit. We need an ambulance on Wickery Ave. Stay with me."

The police officer started pounding on my chest, making me want to cry out with more pain than before. Nothing came out though, and all I was able to see was the black backs of my eyelids.

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