Looking Thru Glass


Love is found in weird ways, but what happens when it's captured through a camera?

Twilla's new job instantly hits off with fun. Why wouldn't it? It's with One Direction. Twilla finds she is able to be herself around all them easily. The boys? They find her to be an amazing girl that knows how to relax while still getting the job done as their photographer.

What will happen when feelings start to grow... One of the boys and Twilla find their selves to be with each more and more til they both fall in love with each other. Which boy will it be though? Will drama occur with this love story? or will it be a happily ever after fantasy?


2. Interview

"Turn around when possible," spoke the GPS on my iPhone.

My eyes widened. "You told me to turn right! I TURNED RIGHT!" I was already late for my new job interview. Now, I was going to be even more late! God dammit.

"Turn around when-" The iPhone shut up when I chucked it on the seat, hitting the dashboard after a bounce. Realizing what I did, I pulled over (cutting off a few people- oops).

I stretched my body over to the passenger side. There the phone lay on in the corner of the floor. Not a far reach. My fingers grazed against it, and I grabbed the phone, with hope that there wasn't going to be any cracks. Scratches, I don't care about those things.

The backside was fine, but the screen held a long crack from the top to bottom. I shrieked. Then I realized that I couldn't worry about this, it was a minor tragedy compared to the one that was going to happen when I didn't get to the interview. I let out a sigh, releasing some of my anxiety. 

"You have reached your destination," my phone spoke to me.

I slumped in my seat and gave the object a hard stare. I looked over to my right. There stood a tall building with many windows. They reflected the other buildings around it. Really?

"You gave me a freak out for no reason," I mumbled.

Remembering that I needed to get going, I made sure my beanie was secured on my head before rushing out of the car. I made it to the door in a matter of seconds. Bad thing, there were people standing the doors taking photos, pushing and shouting at something.

"Excuse me!" My voice could be heard above the clicks and constant chatter. "Would you move out of the bloody way? I need to get in that building, yes the one you seem to be blocking." I sighed when no one seemed to listen. "I guess I will have to do this the hard way," I grumbled to myself.

With my elbows and hands I grabbed anything that was in front of me and pushed them out of my way. This helped a little, but a lot of them were bigger than me. Meaning stronger.

"If I lose my job because you maggots won't move, I will personally cook you for dinner. I don't cook either, by the way! You all are going to be seasoned the wrong way."

There was laughter heard from a bunch of people. I choose to ignore them, though, still trying to get through. I was able to see the door by now. This was a good thing.

Long fingers snatched my small ones. They dragged me through the last bunch of people. I let out a gasp when I was through. In front of me stood a Cheshire cat smiling boy. His hair was pulled back by a green beanie, but with what I was able to tell, the brown locks were full on curl. He looked oddly familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"Thanks," I smiled at him.

He was hot; I had to admit it straight out. The only thing that was keeping me from chatting with him was the fact that I had an interview. I turned away from him and opened the door.

When I was inside, I could tell the difference in pressure. Out there, it felt like someone was constantly pushing against me. Wait, there was. In here though, it was peaceful. I smiled again before grabbing the paper in my pocket and pulling it out. It told me where I had to go.

"I'm Harry, by the way," A slow voice behind me made me jump a bit. I was concentrating on finding the "lift" sign.

I looked over at him, and apologizing smile. "And I'm late, sorry." I found the direction I was supposed to go in. Practically I ran over to the lift, pressing the button for the doors to open. Harry, the tall lanky boy followed me.

"What floor?" he asked when both of us got inside the small rectangle.

"Umm... 23," I told him.

A soft chuckle escaped his plump lips. "You must be following me; I'm going there too." Harry pressed the circle button just before it lit up, telling us what floor we were going to be taken to.

I smiled at him. "Technically you are following me, I was heading toward the lift before you."

He nodded. Harry's green eyes never left me, and it made me kind of uncomfortable under his strong gaze.

"I never got your name."

I sighed, "Twilla. Now, my mum told me once too not talk to stranger."

"Well, Twilla, I wouldn't want to mess with you- you might have me for tea time." I blushed, realizing he heard my little rant outside.

"You've heard of me- and probably everything about me or what at least the tabloids think about me. So, you're not talking to a stranger." Harry gave me a huge smile as he spoke slowly. Each slow word was pronounced with gratitude that he thought of a reason to talk to me.

I didn't understand though. Harry was in the tabloids? For what? Then something's clicked together.

"Ohh. You're Harry Styles." I instantly felt stupid for not noticing him right away. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. It's probably not everyday you meet someone that doesn't recognize you!"

His tall, lanky body shook as he laughed. It was a contagious laughter too. I started chuckling, but playfully hit him to make him stop. Harry had this aurora around him that would bring anyone to like him.

"Stop," I whined. "I'm sorry I don't worship at your feet like every other girl."

Harry shook his head at me. "No, it's good to meet someone that didn't start screaming my ear off. 

A soft ding was sounded, telling both Harry and I that the elevator has stop. I smiled at him and went out the opening door. I didn't say anything while walking over to the room that I was told to go to.

"I'm guessing you're our new photo person," I was asked by an Irish blond boy when I found where I was supposed to be. Now that I think of it, I could have just followed Harry to the room.

"Yes," I smiled at him. "I am your photographer." I chuckled a little at his choice of words.

"Oh, thank goodness! I thought you would never get here!" A gal with long dark hair came up to give me a hug. My eyes widened at how forward she was with people. She released me and she looked me in the eyes. "Are you alright? I saw the mob outside, and I was so worried that you wouldn't be able to get in."

I looked between Harry and her. I was shocked at how caring someone was able to be- even if they didn't know the person they were caring about.

"Um-I," I paused and gave her a smile. She was still staring at me with worried eyes. "Yeah, Harry helped me. You must be Yasmine."

The worry left her eyes, and now she was filled with a smile. "Oh, that's good dear. I'm Yasmine and this is One Direction." Yasmine motioned to the five boys.

I looked over and gave them all a small wave. The only ones that I knew were Niall and Harry. Harry because I just met, and I knew the Irish boy from him having the only blond hair out of the group. He kind of stuck out like a sore thumb if you asked me.

"I'm Twilla," I said.

"Your work is great!" Yasmine gushed at me. I guess for a newly graduate uni student, my work was okay. It met the standards it was supposed to; I was worried that it wasn't going to be good enough though for five pop stars.

Yasmine started walking off in a random direction, talking to herself. I let out a nervous laugh. She left me in the room alone with band. I could feel a couple them looking me over, and that made my nerves worse.

I looked down at my feet and fiddled with them while looking at my hands as if they were interesting. My nails had chipped nail polish on them- that's not something I find interesting. I didn't feel any more eyes on me, and they were talking amongst themselves.

"Don't worry, love," Harry whispered in my ear. I slightly jumped, not knowing he was there. "You'll get used to her."

I sighed, "First off, don't scare me like that. And two, I have to get the job in order to get used to Yasmine." All them laughed at me, and I glared- not sure what was so funny. "What?" I asked.

"You'll get the job," said one of the boys. He had his hair cut short and could be described as a puppy.

"Twilla!" I looked away from the guys and over to the chirpy voice. Yasmine had her head peeking through the door while the rest of her body was outside in the hallway.


"I look back to find you weren't following me. I was talking to myself! People gave me strange looks," she mumbled the last part more to herself than anyone.

"They do that everyday, Yaz," Niall said, joking around. I think.

"Well, I'll see you boys around," I said while following Yasmine this time.

Yasmine had a grin spread across her face at me. "Okay, first off you are like an amazing photographer." I laughed at her bubbliness. "Second, the boys like you! Now, let's get down to business."


I let out a sigh as I flopped on my bed.

Working with One Direction was a hassle. The five boys were so much to deal with at some points; they never gave me a break. I like that though- not giving me any special treatment to me because I am new.

Yasmine assured me that I got the job. I was so excited when the words slipped from her mouth. Everyone laughed when I let out a small squeal in front of him or her. I've got to admit, my coworkers are great.

With a groan, I got up off the bed, getting up to feed my grumbling stomach. My kitchen was big. It was filled with stainless steel appliances and dark cherry wood. When I was little, I always wanted a big kitchen. Even though I usually only am able to cook frozen dinners.

I grabbed out a small serving of leftover lasagna. I stuck the container into the microwave and punched in the needed time. Since I wasn't a patient person when it came to food, I took out my phone and went on Twitter.

A thousand more followers than I did in the beginning of the day. Curiosity of why I got so many new followers took of over me. I did some investigation. It didn't take too long to figure out the reason for the new excitement.

Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn have all followed me. Two of them even posted a tweet about how much they were going to have with their new coworker. Louis even put up a picture him and I took. I had my tongue out like a dog, and he had his in my ear.

Yes, disgusting, but Louis and I were already able to joke around like we've known each other for years. All of them are cool. The only one that I haven't really talked to was Zayn. He was the shyer one out of the lot, but he still was out going.

My mind came back to reality when the beeping from the microwave went off. I ran over; I took out the lasagna. After the first bite, I scrunched up my nose. The food was horrible, but I was hungry and I didn't have anything else to eat. With a shrug, I sat on a bar stool and continued to scroll through the Twitter. 

A lot of people tweeted things about how they liked my work. These comments would bring big smiles on my face. There were a few that were crude, but I ignored those.

Mentioned In A Tweet From Harry Styles

I clicked the new pop up on the top of the screen before it went away. It read:

Photo shoot W/ @dotTWILLAdot tomorrow @ 9pm. YEAH!

I laughed, but then frowned, realizing that I was never informed about this. Ten seconds later I got a text from Yasmine saying that I had a gig to go to tomorrow. I sent an "ok".

I tapped reply on Harry's tweet.


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