Looking Thru Glass


Love is found in weird ways, but what happens when it's captured through a camera?

Twilla's new job instantly hits off with fun. Why wouldn't it? It's with One Direction. Twilla finds she is able to be herself around all them easily. The boys? They find her to be an amazing girl that knows how to relax while still getting the job done as their photographer.

What will happen when feelings start to grow... One of the boys and Twilla find their selves to be with each more and more til they both fall in love with each other. Which boy will it be though? Will drama occur with this love story? or will it be a happily ever after fantasy?


4. Ducky!

"Please?" I whined at the boys. Usually, I don't whine; I find it unattractive, but the boys were so stubborn. "I just want to put it on Twitter. No magazine..."


"Girl, you best quit while you're behind." Louis sasses me. "You aren't seeing these lips," he pointed to his mouth, "turn to white girl lips."


I placed hand on my hip with the camera in the other.


"And what is that supposed to mean?" Another truth while I'm at it. I'm normally shy around people. The girl who would take at least a good month to start sassing at someone, but for some reason, Louis was able to bring the naughty out of me.


The rest of the boys have resorted to taking out their phones while Tomlinson and I bickered. We should of been out of work by now. In fact, it was only the lot of us, plus Paul and another bodyguard. Everyone else got annoyed with us and left; they knew we could handle ourselves too.


Louis smirked at me. "Oh, you know exactly what I mean."


There was a sigh. "Would the two of you stop acting like a couple?"


Paul. He was the one that stopped me from continuing with Louis. I felt my cheeks blush, and I bet they were a bright red. I looked down at my feet.


"Sorry," I mumbled.


See, awkward, shy little girl. I think I have a definite right to be cowering away from Paul though. Have you seen the guys arms? No? Well, I'll tell you they are big. Big as in, I would at least need three of my hands to be able to wrap around his arm. Paul's a nice guy though, he wouldn't hurt a fly.


A girly shriek made me flinch out of my turtle shell. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked around. In came a running leprechaun. Niall looked to be on the verge of tears.


"The food." He panted.


I frowned. "What about it?"


"It's gone. They took it all!" he ran a hand through his floppy hair.


"I'm sorry, I don't see the big deal. It's food," I pointed out to them.


Everyone's eye widened. Niall's were the biggest. What I didn't expect was Niall falling to the floor. I rose a hand to my mouth when I released a small gasp.


"Now you did it," Louis rolled his eyes at me.


"Will someone please explain what is happening!" I panicked as I ran over to the fainted boy. I tried fanning him, seeing if maybe a breeze would bring him back. "What am I supposed to do? He probably hit his head, or maybe he's in shock. We need to get him medical attention. If we don't, he might get worse and wont get better. Then I would get fired and hated for-"


The blond boy that was laying next to me, started to laugh uncontrollably. It literally sounded like a monkey. Niall's face was turning red.


"Oh my god! he must of hit his head, he won't stop laughing. He sounds like he's choking! Does anyone know CPR?" I freaked out and this caused Niall to laugh even harder. I soon realized that I was being laughed at. There was no injuries.


"Love," I looked up from Niall to see the rest of the crew trying to hold in the giggles. I started to blush.


"I-I'm guessing he's alright." I stuttered while watching Niall continue to laugh.


I cleared my throat and got up from the ground. "Well, I'm going to my flat to get ready-"


"You look fine!" Louis protested. "Lets go- I'll drive."


I frowned. "What about my SUV?"


There was no way that I was leaving my truck here. I loved the thing too much. It took me a long time to be able to get it, and I'm not taking any chances with it. None at all. Who know? Someone else could fall in love with it too and take it while it's left here.


"Love, this place has tight security." Harry said to me. "Nothing will happen to it."


"I'm not leaving my Expedition here- end of it." I looked between each person, showing them with my expression that I was serious about this. "I saved up for it since I was fifteen."


"So, it's new?" Louis asked.


I shook my head. "Nah, I've had it for two years now. It's practically brand new though; I mean I got it brand new- with my own money by the way."


"Geesh, what job did you have? Were you a spy or something?" Louis asked me.


"Doesn't matter." I said to him. "How about this. I go take my car back, freshen up, and you guys can take Niall to get some food." At the mention of food, Niall lit up. I let out a laugh.


"How will you get to the club though?" Harry asked.


I shrugged. "I'll get a lift. It doesn't matter."


"Sounds like a plan," Liam said.


I nodded and left them to put away my things before leaving. I grabbed my handbag from a table that I sat it on earlier. It was darker outside than I thought it would be. Today has been a long day with the boys, and I feel like I didn't do my best. If only Louis would've cooperated with me. I let out a sigh.


Just as I got into my truck, my phone buzzed. I slightly jumped, forgetting that I put it in my pocket. It was a text from Melissa. I frowned, trying to think of how she got my number, but then realized that she is my boss. She probably looked in my files.


Very good photos. I see you had trouble with pictures for Louis- try to get in control with him. You're working, not making friends. That means no more running around. See you on Tuesday.


I sighed when I finished reading the message. I was happy that Melissa thought that I was a good photographer, but she didn't like how I handled the situation with Louis. Since it was a minor mistake, I decided to shrug it off. Louis was probably going to get me in trouble more times in the future.


Once I was at my flat, I started to get ready. Instantly, I went to my closet- what I was wearing now, wasn't supported. It was in no way "club approval". I flicked through articles of clothing, trying to find what I was looking for. A small smile formed on my lips when I did.


I slipped on the black dress that I found. The dress hugged every curve perfectly and the silver, triangle stripes showed off that I liked different things when it came to fashion. After I straightened out the dress, I went to my drawer filled with makeup. With the the mirror attached to the dresser, I used it to make sure I didn't poke my eye out when applying mascara and eyeliner.


Louis DMed me through Twitter the club that we were supposed to be going to. He also said that he would wait outside with the rest of the boys so they would let me in right away.


Everything was done and ready. All I needed to do was put on some black, strapey heels and call a cab. Since it would take a while for someone to actually get to the flat, I chose to call them first before worrying about my shoes.


I tapped the red end button on my iPhone when the call ended. I had a good ten minutes until the guy was going to be here. At least that is what I was told. Having nothing to do, I fiddled with my thumbs and bit my bottom lip. A habit I did when I was bored.

I started to wonder how the boys would react to me at the club. Would they laugh at what I was wearing? Would they think I was a light weight? While thinking these things, I started to get nervous. My palms heated up, and I knew if I kept thinking these thoughts, they would sweat soon.


A shallow beep sounded outside. There was a small car parked in front of my flat. Before I left, I made sure I looked presentable (everything in place). Nothing seemed out of place, so I left my flat.


The guy that sat in the cab seemed nice. He had a smile on his face when I got into the car, but then again, the dress I had I only went mid thigh. Creep.


"Where to?" The man asked, looking at me through the small mirror.


"Uh, Static. The new club?" I said in a questioning tone. I didn't know this place, so I hoped he knew what I talking about.


He laughed; his laugh being dry. The guy probably smoked. Not only was his laugh a clue, but also due to the smell in the car.


The car jerked forward, and I lurched back a little. I wasn't even buckled in when he started to drive. Thinking about this, I frowned and clasped the buckle together. How rude of him.


The street lights were now on, and most people weren't walking around the city anymore. London was really pretty at night with the different lights and buildings.


A block from where the car was had a bunch of people on it. I guessed it was the club we were going to because the driver slowed down to find a place to park quick. The pavement in front of the building probably wouldn't be so crowded if the famous boy band wasn't standing outside the doors. A bunch of paparazzi flashed there cameras at them and I wondered how the boys were able to just stand there.


"How much?" I asked politely.


He gave me a toothy smile. "It's on me." I blushed and gave him a "thanks" before exiting.


Once I came behind the bunch of people, I tried to push through. The thing is, there was no way I was getting past the mob. All the paps were crazy to get juicy information on One Direction. The boys weren't able to see me either because I was too short to even jump over a head that belonged to a pap. The only way I could get through is if I call Harry. He was the only number I had.


I picked my phone from my handbag and chose Harry's number from my contacts. The phone rang two times before being answered.


"Hello?"Harry said on the other.


I laughed. "Harry, I'm here."


I could hear Harry talking to the other lads on the other end, telling them I was here. A bunch of them were saying "where".


"No you're not. I can't find you anywhere." Harry replied, thinking I was joking around, I guess.


"That's because you can't see me behind the paps." I sighed as I tried to push through again. One of them elbowed my arm. "Hey! watch it." I said while moving the phone away from my face.


One if the camera men turned around to see who was complaining. His eyes widened in recognition. Oh crap, not this again.


"Twilla!" he yelled. A bunch of other people turned and started to flash their cameras at me. "Are you here with the boys?"


I decided to ignore him and the other questions shot at me. What I didn't understand was why they cared about me? I wasn't a celebrity, I just worked for some.


"Drinking's bad for the baby, Twilla! are you trying to kill it?" Someone shouted.


I let out a blush. "I'm not pregnant. Now, please let me through." The bright lights continued to flash at me. "Harry, they're closing in on me." I said into the phone.


"Excuse me," a deep voice said.


I sighed. "Harry."


Soon enough the tall curly boy stood in front of me; he grabbed my hand. Before we started going through the annoying crowd, Harry gave me a dimpled smile. For some reason, I felt my cheeks flare with heat. I looked down as we made up to the rest of the boys. Harry released my hand once we met up with them.


"Oh goodness, I could use a drink now." I told them while we walked in. One of them laughed, but I couldn't tell who. "You guys didn't have to wait outside. It wasn't fair that you had to go blind."


"Who cares?" Louis asked before a grin spread an inch bigger each second across his face. "Lets get a drink now, love."


I nodded and went straight to the bar. There was pounding music, music that was easy to dance to. A bunch of people were dancing in the front of the club. Most of the girls were showing off a lot of flesh, and I kinda felt weird with my choice of clothing article. It wasn't really showing a lot, but I wasn't the one to show off my body.


"So, what am I starting off with, Lou?" I asked.


He shrugged. "Just remember, anything I hand to you, you have to drink." I nodded, confirming that I remembered. "Plus downing it."


Just then the bartender came to us with our drinks. Louis handed me a bottle of beer. Instantly, I scrunched up my nose. Lou and Harry were they only ones, laughing at my reaction. The other boys left and did as they pleased.


"I hate beer," I mumbled, but before I would get lectured, I plugged my nose and started to drink the bottled liquid. There was a tiny burning in my throat. It wasn't one that bugged me much though. When the contents were gone I placed the glass bottle down. Again, I scrunched my nose.


Louis was smirking at me, slowly drinking his drink. "How you feeling?"


I brought out my sass towards him. "It was only one drink, Lou. I'm not a light weight." Harry chuckled at me and left towards the dance floor.


"That means we can go straight to the fun stuff. Four shots of tequila!" Louis shouted over the loud music to one bartender.


I thought Louis was going to have two, but when I saw him push all the glasses towards me, my eyes widened. Without arguing though, I took each shot. Each one bringing a strong tingling in my throat. Now, I was starting feel a little lighter with the alcohol in me.


"Lets go dance!" Louis pulled me over to the dance floor with him. I had a feeling this is just the very beginning of the night.




"Louis!" I slurred. "That's not the sprinkler!"


"What do you mean?" Louis exclaimed with his mouth handling wide open.


Most of the people here probably were quite annoyed with Louis and I. We would bump into at least three people very five minutes. They would give us glares or tell us to "watch it". Louis and I obviously ignored them.


I put one of my hands on my head and started to flick the other. I started to giggle obnoxiously, and when I was at the end of the dance move, I ended up waking some guy in the head. Louis came over to me and started laughing.


The other guy turned around, holding his head. We laughed harder when we saw Zayn's expression.


"Mate she's drunk, don't steal her shoes!" Louis yelled with panic. Zayn looked at him with a raised eyebrow and smirked.


"Noooo," I whined. "I'm Twilla, Lou! I think drunk is that girl." I aimlessly pointed at a chair. Zayn chuckled at us.


"I think it's time to-" Zayn started to talk, but my attention was towards the bar when I saw a colorful drink.


"Oooo, I want one of those." I started to leave.


"Go find the others; it's time to go." I heard Zayn say before out of hearing distance.


I started to wobble when I close to the bar, felling really dizzy all of the sudden. I stopped walking for a bit, regaining my balance. Every noise felt louder. My ears started to ring; I let out a groan and rubbed them. I stopped when I remember the drink.


After I approached the counter with a bare tender behind it, I said my order out loud. "I'll have four shots of vodka."


"You've had enough, love." The tender had dark hair and slender build. He was quite cute if I say so myself. A smile slipped on his face when I started to pout.


I held up my fingers with the amount. "Three?" he shook his head. "Two? One? Well Tony, that's just plain rude. I came here with my friends to have a good time, and now-"


"We're leaving." I got cut off.


I hugged the person behind me. "Zach!"


He laughed at me and pushed me off of him. "It's Zayn."


“Sure it is pretty boy.” I looked over to the dance floor to see the other guys walking towards us. All of them (except Liam) had sloppy grins on their faces. Louis skipped over to me like a little girl. I squealed, “Ducky!”


Liam rose an eyebrow at me. I knew he was confused, so I decided to show him. With my pointer finger and thumb, I smushed Lou’s lips together and stretched them out.




“We should head out,” Zayn told everyone.


I leaned against him, finding the floor tilting side to side. He helped me steady myself by putting a shoulder on my shoulder. The floor continued to move in swaying motions, and I found that I was glaring at it, trying to get it to stop with my eyes.


“Zayn,”  Louis sung. “Twilla and ducky were having fun- we didn't finish the sprinkler dance.” He started to stomp his feet on the ground. How was he standing straight? We had about twenty different drinks.


“Louis,” I exclaimed. “We should go ask the DJ to play Talk Drippy- Dirty.” I corrected instantly. Without anyone answering me, I left as fast as my drunk legs allowed up to the man controlling the music.


He seemed to be a nerdy college student- boxy glasses and suspenders. It was cute.


“You’re not supposed to be up here.” The guy said over the loud music.


I told him my request, and with a few convincing words, I was able to get him to change it. There were some faint cheers around the club for the choice in the popular song. A smile formed on my lips as I went down to the dance floor.


My hips swayed from side to side easily. I jumped slightly when hands grabbed my waist, and turned around to see how it was. A random stranger was trying to dance with me, but even in my drunk state, I wasn’t going to let happen.


The song was coming up soon because it was my favorite part to dance to. Teasingly, I shook my finger back and forth at him, his eyes grew with lust. I mentally rolled my eyes at him.


I knew for a fact that I was dead wasted, but for some reason I was able to think straight enough to dance up the chorus. YouTube taught it to me- wait, no Jason Derulo did. It was the repeated choreography he did during the chorus he did in his music video. It most likely looked like I just flinging myself around on the dance floor. Oh well. 


The song soon ended and I 'walked' back over to the laughing boys. My head was starting to  hurt now, the buzz of the alcohol wearing off. 


"We should head out," I said seriously, but then I ended up laughing.


We all started to head out, pushing past standing people. I was mumbling things that made no sense to the people that wouldn't move. It was tough being tiny and drunk at the same time. You could barely get through a crowd. 


By this time of night, most of the people here were wasted. Their eyes were glassy, breath reeks, and couldn't walk straight to save their lives. The night was still young though, and people were still dancing to the still loud music. At first the environment was inviting, but now, after drinking all the liquids I did, all I want to do is go in my bed. 


I groaned when we went outside. The cool air felt good against my skin, but it was the flashing lights that made me want to bash someone in the face. I grabbed onto Louis' arm to steady myself while he pushed away from everyone else. 


"Louis why is the moon flashing?" I asked him in a low voice. 


He didn't hear me it seemed when he continued to walk through the crowd, the rest of the boys following behind. We eventually got away from the shouting flashes and were in the car. 


I sat by the window and Zayn. Liam was the one driving me back to my flat. The ride was actually quite for the first couple of minutes until my head felt as though it was being crushed. I groaned while closing my eyes, hoping reducing the already limited light would help. It didn't and I couldn't to groan. 


"Louis, when I see you next, you better be prepared," I warned. "I'm killing you with toothpicks, buddy. Before that though, I'm shoving peanuts up your nose." 


I rested my head on the window when everyone in the car chuckled at me. We drove a bit before my head bounced on the glass window. I yelped out. 


"Then I'll kill you Liam for that!" I said while rubbing my head. "I just kill you with toothpicks." 


This time I rested my head on Zayn's shoulder. It didn't give me the relieving coolness, but it was softer. He didn't shrug me off, so I took it as he didn't mind. 


"Uh, Twilla," Liam said. "Are we just going to drive around, or are you going to tell me how to get to your flat?" He asked me. 


I hummed, "Just drive around."


Zayn chuckled under me. "I'm sorry, love, but I would really like to get home." Liam answered back. 

"I live on unicorn lane in apartment 5," I said. 


"Unicorn Lane?" Zayn asked. 


I shook my head. "I said Buckingham Lane, Zayn. In the Imperial Flats, apartment 5." I said this slowly to him, feeling like I would fall asleep any moment. 


My eyes started to flicker close and I was taken away to the unicorn lane. I mean Buckingham Lane. 

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