Looking Thru Glass


Love is found in weird ways, but what happens when it's captured through a camera?

Twilla's new job instantly hits off with fun. Why wouldn't it? It's with One Direction. Twilla finds she is able to be herself around all them easily. The boys? They find her to be an amazing girl that knows how to relax while still getting the job done as their photographer.

What will happen when feelings start to grow... One of the boys and Twilla find their selves to be with each more and more til they both fall in love with each other. Which boy will it be though? Will drama occur with this love story? or will it be a happily ever after fantasy?


5. Brothers Will Be Brothers

"Louis!" I whined when I woke up.


Why did I even agree to that stupid bet? I should of known that he was going to cheat so I would end up having to go clubbing with him.


You've only known them for two days, my conscience reminded me.


There wasn't much light streaming through my room which was weird; I always had my curtains drawn. Liam must have shut them before he left when he brought me in last night. How considerate of him.


My head was pounding and I felt like I could sleep for another couple hours. But, I knew that was going to be impossible. With a groan I got up to go into my bathroom. I squeaked when my feet touched the cold floor. That resulted me groaning again because the noise was too loud for me. Good thing today I had off. I tried to rub the sleep from my eyes while walking to the bathroom.


There wasn't a chance I was looking in the mirror until I get a quick shower. I stretched the dress over my head and got into the warm shower. The water felt good taking off the dried on sweat and grim from last night.




Once I was done taking a shower, I wrapped a towel around me, and got some medication for my headache. With the medicine I went to the kitchen and grab a glass of water, and then I swallowed it down. I put the glass in the sink and then went to go put some clothes on. I chose an outfit that was comfortable to lay around in.


Today is going to be a lazy day. I was just going to sit around and watch Netflix on my TV. The TV volume was on low, and a chick flick was chosen, but I didn't really pay attention to it. Instead I went on my phone, and I waited for my headache to subside. Twitter was buzzing with notifications of the boys and I going to the club last night. There was still rumors going around that I was pregnant and that I went to the club drinking so that I could possibly loose the baby. I would not do that. There was a new ones on how Zayn was cheating on his girlfriend with me and so was Louis. I felt bad for the boys; they weren't able to do things without people saying bad crap about them.


I was still get multiple followers at a time, so I decided to do a quick follow spree. Though, I only followed the ones that I knew were kind (I read through their tweets to see). Before closing out of the Twitter app, I posted a tweet.


Ugh... #murderwithtoothpicks


There were soon a bunch of questions on what I was talking about. There was only a handful of people that needed to know what I meant by the hash tag.


From what I was able to tell, it was going to be an uneventful day for me. With my phone, I went through my contacts to find the person I was looking for. My brother, Sam. We haven't hung out in a while, and I wanted to tell him about my new job.


The line was ringing as I waited for him to pick up. I picked at my nails, and by my the third ring, Sam picked up.


"Hello?" His voice was the same low sound that I remember.


"Hey, Sam. It's Twilla," I told him. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang?" I plopped on the couch while I talked to him. I was too tired to stand up.


"Uh, sure. When?"


I asked "Now? I'll go over there if you want."


"Nah, I'll come over, I'm already in the car, just got done with work."


I furrowed my brows. "What? It's like nine."


"Twi, it's past noon," my brother chuckled at me. "Out late? Meet someone?"


I rolled my eyes. "Just get over here." I ended the conversation with that.


He would most likely be here soon, but I had enough time to pick up a bit. I grabbed the empty water bottles laying around and threw them in the trash bin. There were a few dishes in the sink, so I rolled up my sleeves and rinsed them with some warm water before I started to stack them in the dishwasher.




I squealed and turned around to see who decided to walk into my house with out permission. There was a plate in my hand, causing me to whack the culprit in the head with it. Good thing it was only my brother. Loud groans came from Sam as he rubs his head.


I laughed instead of feeling bad. "How many times do I have to tell you, don't sneak up on me?" I asked him. "I could of had a knife in my hand and killed you."


"And the world would've crumble because they wouldn't have me in it." A smirk fell across my brother's face. He rubbed a part of his head that was covered by dark hair.


"No," I said quickly. "It will be crying with joy- one less egotistic male."


"Ah come on, Twi, you would be sad if I was gone." Sam leaned against the counter.


I laughed and went to embraced my brother in a hug. His arms wrapped around me instantly. Sam and I have always got along. We weren't like the siblings that were always fighting; we could sit in a room together for hours on end and still able to be with each other for longer. Sam was 25, making him a good four and a half years older than me. I think it's the age difference that helps with toning down the arguments.


"So, what happened last night?" Sam wiggled his eyebrows at me.


I shrugged. "Went out with some colleagues."


"Colleagues?" Oops I forgot to tell him I got a job. A cool one too; one where I didn't have to worry about money either, but the critics were the only hard thing.


I nodded. "Yeah, I got a job as a photographer..." I bit my lip as trailed off. Sam's blue eyes widened. "Not that kind again, Sam. I am a bands photographer. I practically follow them around, take pictures that would be worthy to be purchased, and then go home."


"Do I know them? It's not a guy band, right?" Here comes the protective older brother.


Sam should win older brother award. He always is there when I need him, picks on me enough, and of course, beats up guys that look at me the wrong way. It can a bit annoying, but I know he only means well. He never has actually done anything too extreme.


"Uhh...sure," I said while going over to the fridge to grab something to drink. "Want something?" I asked.


"Twilla," He warned. Sam knew exactly what I was trying to do. "You are working with a bunch of immature guys, aren't you?"


Immature is correct, I thought.


"They are a respectful group of lads, Sam." I try to ease him in. "You know of One Direction?"


"Yeah, that boy band. They are all over the news... so are you." My eyes widened. What? Why would I be- oh wait.


"So you already knew?" I asked him while biting my lip, nervous that he would be mad for me not telling him.


Sam nodded. "Apparently you are pregnant and dating The Harry Styles." My brother said.


I scowled at him. "Don't talk about him in that way."


"What way?"


I sighed. "Like he isn't a normal person. All of them are really cool guys, and it's not right to talk about them in that way."


Whenever someone would talk about a celebrity, making them sound like they were anything but human, it upset me. They are all normal people it's just that what they enjoy doing isn't. There jobs aren't the normal accountant or lawyer, but they do deserve to be treated like an equal.


Sam let out a loud laugh. "Your compassion towards people is hysterical to me."


I went up to him and smacked his head. He flinched a little, quickly recovering. He was always teasing me about how I was caring towards everyone, even if they didn't earn a reason for me to be nice to me.


"You're alright with this though?" My brother asked me. "You're alright with having to deal with all the rumors?"


"The paparazzi will get bored with me and find someone new to pick on," I told him.


He sighed. "Just be careful with what you do, Twilla. You are working in a tough crowd and watch out for the boys."




He cut me off. "They may be respectful, but they are still teenage boys with nasty hormones. I know what it's like to be a teenager."


I rolled my eyes. "Really? I didn't know."



"Bye, Sammy!" I teased as my brother walked out my door. He hated it when I called him that


I went over to the door when it shut. There was no way that I was going to have someone be able to get in my home as easy as my brother did earlier today. I went over and locked the door before turning off the kitchen light and heading to my bed room. I threw on a pair of pajamas and went the bathroom to wash my face and teeth.


Today wasn't a eventful day like I predicted. Well, except for hitting my bother in the head with a plate. That was pretty funny- anyone would admit that. Sam and I just ended up talking the rest of the day. It seemed like we haven't done it in a while, so when it was 8 o'clock already, we weren't surprised that we spent the whole day with light chatter.


My phone dinged when I entered my room again and I grabbed it


One new Twitter notification was written across my screen. It seemed like I was getting a lot of those today. I typed in the password I had to keep my phone secure. I tapped on the connect tab, and saw I was tagged in a conversation.


I frowned when I read what a girl said about me: @dotTWILLAdot is most likely a slut- I believe what all the paps are saying, except for the baby being @Harry_Styles


I was just about to close out of Twitter when a new tweet popped up from Louis.


@dotTWILLAdot is my sassy friend- not a slut. STFU @Amyknows


Once again, I was surprised by how cool the boys from One Direction were. They stick up for things they believe in, and they will always be that way. It felt good that Louis thought we were friends too. I could tell that he hated it when people gave hate when they didn't even know the person they were hating on. He probably has it happen to him all the time. I clicked 'reply' and started to type out a tweet to one of my new friends.


@Louis_Tomlinson aww thanks <3 but don't even think that I forgot bout the toothpicks I bought 4 u... they r sharpened n ready 4 use


Again, I went to bed happy. I guess working with the big band of One Direction wasn't going to be so bad. The hate that I might get from people will get to me some days, but I don't think it will be overbearing. I'm just glad that I made a lot of great friends.


With happy thoughts in my head, I drifted into slumber.


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