When Harry adopts Ariana she becomes part of the Styles family. Of course, that's not what the paps think. When Niall and Madison are dating and the paps spread rumors that her and Harry are dating, will their relationship last? Will Harry unleash a dark secret? Find out in THE DRAMA.


1. Prologue

Ariana's POV

My name is Ariana (as if you didn't already know) and I am just an ordinary girl. SORT OF. I am an orphan. My parents put me up for adoption when I was 6.

4 years ago today I was sent here and I still haven't been adopted.My mom always told me to remember that no one will ever love me.

Well of course I won't because I have a photographic memory. Yep. I have no friends because people think I'm weird.

I don't blame them.

I am weird.

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